a fit man doing parkour

Top 6 Best Parkour Gear Items to Use

Parkour starters may find it challenging to choose the Parkour gear required for training. If you have also encountered a Parkour gear problem, then here is an article that will help you solve the puzzle. Ideally, Parkour practitioners need to have Parkour gears that facilitate easy and comfortable training.

a fit man doing parkour

What you need for training are the right bottoms, tops, and shoes. Light clothes are ideal for warm weather while clothes with more layers are good for cold weather. Experts recommend the use of long pants to shield your legs from injury while practicing. In this article, we review top Parkour gear items that are essential to get you started. The gears are listed according to importance.

6 Best Parkour Gear Items to Consider For Your Practice

a young man doing parkour

1. Tops and Jumpers

Parkour tops depend on the trainee’s taste. Some trainees prefer tight tops while others like loose tops. Based on your design, choose tops made of breathable fabric and one with the best color that you feel comfortable to wear around.

If you are going to train in cold weather, you require a jumper or sweater to keep you warm. Experts recommend baggy jumpers that you can quickly wear or remove in the event of training. Avoid jumpers with hoods since they can distract you when jumping. The important aspect to consider when choosing a Parkour top is to get one that allows you to move freely.

2. Parkour Bottoms

You need comfortable Parkour bottoms that allow you to jump or engage in any movement pattern. Most Parkour sports people recommend joggers as the best bottoms. It is because joggers have a hem that prevents them from getting caught under shoes. Furthermore, joggers have the right thickness that protects you against cold and external factors that can injure your legs.

Besides joggers, harem pants are another good option for Parkour training. Harem pants are made of thin and lightweight material making them the best choice for summer training. The pants are baggy implying that they will give you the freedom of movement you need. They come in different colors implying that you can choose one that looks great on you.

3. Shoes

Just like any sport, shoes are necessary to shield your feet from injury and facilitate good traction during the workout session. Weight is the first factor that you should consider when looking for shoes to train Parkour.

Parkour experts recommend light weight shoes since they facilitate natural and easy movement allowing you to train for long hours. Besides weight, purchase shoes that also have a thin sole. Shoes with a thin sole allow your feet to interact with the environment you are training. It allows you to adopt correct training techniques to minimize injury.

Additionally, purchase shoes that have better grip in both dry and wet environment. One of the top preferred shoe types that meets the qualities above is the Puma Faas 500.

4. Backpack

A backpack is an essential sports gear that allows you to carry whatever you may need during work out. Use your bag to carry your sports attire when traveling to the training ground and to store your clothes and personal items like phone and keys.

Best backpack bags are made of durable materials like polyester and leather to stay long. Those with adjustable straps help you adjust the pack according to your body size making it easy and comfortable to carry.

Purchase a bag that is weatherproof to keep your items from inclement weather like rain, dust or even snow. Furthermore, buy bags that are spacious to fit all your sports and personal items, one that is easy to clean and that with a zipper closure to secure your valuables. Fastbreak Aerial Pack is one of the backpacks you can consider for your training.

5. Gloves

Gloves shield your hands during practice. The best gloves are made of an abrasion resistant material like nylon that can withstand rough handling while practicing in any terrain. The gloves should be slip-resistant to allow a firm grip on objects or training equipment. Gloves that are not slip-resistant may increase your risk of injury due to falls. You may also want to purchase gloves made of a breathable fabric to keep your hands dry during a sweaty training.

Since you are going to use your gloves for the entire training process, remember to choose those made of durable material and that are padded with a foam sponge to shield your hands. Additionally. Choose the ones that are elastic to support free movement. You can consider buying Harbinger 143 men’s Harbinger Flexfit Gloves that meets most of the features that define a good Parkour glove.

6. Water Bottle

Adequate hydration is a necessity for all sportspeople. Sports experts recommend that you drink water before the start of a workout, during and at the end of an exercise. It is the reason you will need a water bottle.

Since you will be training in both cold and warm kinds of weather, you require an insulated water bottle to either keep your water cold or warm for hours. One made of durable material like stainless steel or any other durable material like hard plastic will serve you for a long time.

Pick a water bottle that is compatible with your favorite training colors and one with a wide mouth to help you drink with ease. Note that those with a straw lid are easy to use. The insulated stainless steel water bottle is one of the bottles that you may choose for your training.

Bottom Line

While Parkour is among the most interesting sports to participate in, beginners may find it challenging to decide on the best and essential attire for training. Essential Parkour gears include the right pair of shoes and a comfortable bottom and top that allows free movement since Parkour is all about movement.

You can make your training more of fun by purchasing a water bottle to keep you hydrated, gloves to shield your hands, and a backpack to carry and store your items. Let us know some of your top Parkour gear items that you don’t want to miss when training.

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