Best Parkour Gloves – A Comprehensive Guide

Much attention and discussion is paid to finding the best shoes for parkour, but relatively little attention is paid to finding the best gloves for parkour. Parkour is a high impact sport and stressful for the entire body. And the hands are certainly no exception. After all, rough concrete, pavement, metal pipes, and splintering wooden beams aren’t exactly known for being easy on hands. After enduring the wear and tear that one’s hands inevitably undergo during training, many beginners and experienced practitioners alike think of using gloves.

But is it a good idea to use parkour gloves? And if so, what are the best gloves for parkour? These aren’t necessarily easy questions to answer, but let’s start with the first one.

Should I Use Gloves For Parkour?

Whether to wear gloves or not when training parkour is a pretty controversial topic in the parkour community. It is a question that inevitably comes up in every forum. In many other sports and disciplines, if gloves are needed for grip, protection, or to enhance performance, there is no debate about whether to use them or not. In contrast, it is generally argued that gloves should not be used for parkour. There are three important reasons why.

In many cases, your bare hands will actually have better overall grip. You don’t have to worry about your hands moving around inside the gloves or worse the gloves failing in some way.

Even the thinnest and most sensitive gloves are far worse than bare hands for feeling everything around you. Gloves reduce the feedback you get from different surfaces. This can reduce control and make it harder to adapt mid technique since you might not be able to feel a surface change subtly.


It’s certainly not essential to wear gloves during the activity, but with excessive movement and grip, your hands can soon become sweaty. Fortunately, the three pairs of gloves we’ve discovered are all sweatproof. They’re also breathable to reduce your chances of slipping and help improve your comfort every time you wear them.

Over time your hands will toughen up and become conditioned for parkour.

Advantages of Using Gloves

While gloves certainly have disadvantages, they also undoubtedly have some advantages. And unlike some who think that gloves should never be used for parkour, I think they have their uses in certain circumstances.

Cuts, blisters, and bruises can easily end training and force practitioners to wait until they are healed. Gloves can let you get back to training sooner or prevent injuries from occurring in the first place.

Technique Drills
Some techniques and certain environments are simply brutal on your hands and even experienced traceurs will only be able to endure so much. If you are practicing the same move over and over and it is punishing your hands, gloves can be a very useful training tool.

Winter Training
Everyone who has trained in a cold environment knows how quickly your hands can start to feel numb and how much this limits your training. Gloves can make the difference between being able to train during harsh weather or not.

Extenuating Circumstances
Some people are not willing to condition their hands or simply unable to because of things like their profession.

Parkour Glove Recommendations

If you are shopping for a pair of gloves, there are several important features to look for. Gloves should provide a high degree of sensitivity for the fingertips, have a high grip material throughout the palm, be durable, and have a secure fit.

Full Finger Fitness Gloves
parkour gloves

These full-finger fitness gloves provide an excellent grip and design that adapts to your hand’s shape and size. Developed with a curving motion, these fitness gloves offer exceptional flexibility and comfort, so you are always protected. Thanks to the relief pads present throughout the entire gloves, you won’t feel any impact or soreness on your hands throughout any of your moves. If you’re prone to sweating, you’ll appreciate the terrycloth pads within the gloves to keep your hands dry and odor-free.

RDX Competition Exercise Gloves
Parkour gloves

These are another pair of gloves suitable for parkour. They’re designed with a breathable material to ensure cool air remains trapped in the gloves, and moisture and warmth can escape. RDX designed these exercise gloves with a supreme grip at its core. That’s why these gloves feature suede leather along the palm to provide an exceptional grip, no matter the surface you come into contact with. However, don’t fear that the leather features limits your flexibility as the handstitched elements offer exceptional resilience all the time you wear these gloves.

Broner Wool Acrylic Glove Mitts

For colder weather, you will need warmer gloves. While they have their limitations and you will need to modify your training, it is simply part of the deal if you want to train during certain conditions. At the very least, they are useful for putting on and warming or rewarming your hands up during breaks in training.

Alternatives to Using Gloves

If you want to avoid using gloves or whatever reason, there are several things you can do to deal with the demands of parkour on your hands.

Calluses can protect the hand but they also have a tendency to tear off. This is both annoying and painful if you want to continue training. The best advice is to be proactive. You can reduce calluses in a number of ways and lessen the chances of them tearing. The simplest way is to use a cheap and widely available pumice stone to sand them down.

Small cuts can be protected with band aids. Generic athletic tape is highly useful for very minor scrapes and injuries. It can also be used for preventative measures. Here is a simple tutorial depicting how to tape a hand if a callous has or is about to tear.

After Training Sessions johuatreeclimbingsalve
There are a variety of salves, balms, and oils that can be useful for taking care of your hands. Joshua Tree’s Climbing Salve and Climb On! Bar are both highly regarded in the climbing and CrossFit communities.

In Conclusion

Unfortunately, there is no real answer as to whether or not you should wear parkour gloves when training. The topic is likely to remain a hotly debated issue though I do think they can be incredibly useful in some instances. Really, it is a question you should answer for yourself. If you haven’t tried using gloves before, pick up a pair and see if you get any value out of them. If you practice in gloves all the time, try taking a break from using them. See what impact it has and if they are really needed.

Do you use gloves for parkour? What is your hand care routine like? Leave a message in the comments.

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Shafiyu Annan - August 18, 2015

hello, i as myself as a freerunner i sometimes wear gloves if for lets say… like … i do my training ,conditoning, etc. and i rip my hands by accident and i wear the gloves to cover the injury so i can keep training. me in general i dont use gloves for parkour but i want to know if its a good habit.
thank you

Parkour Man - December 30, 2016

Hey guys, parkour man here and today I’m bringing you a parkour gloves review on the bionic men’s full finger fitness gloves.Comfortable full finger gloves with decent grip and durability. Dexterity is relatively good and they are padded enough to protect your hands. They are obviously less sensitive than fingerless gloves, but if you need more protection they get the job done quite well. That was it for this episode of parkour gear. Like, comment, and subscribe because my only two subscribers are my parents.

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Sharjeel - June 17, 2017

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