Best Parkour Headphones: Yurbuds Inspire Pro Review

You want to listen to music while you train parkour. Maybe just for enjoyment or to help boost athletic performance, but you have a problem. Your earphones just keep falling out, or you keep breaking pair after pair. Both are common occurrences if you just grab any old pair. After all, average earphones aren’t made to stay put when running, jumping, and rolling. Nor are they made to tolerate being exposed to sweat and rain.

In fact, it’s going to be difficult for any earphones to stand up to the rigors of parkour, but there are some that will put up a better fight than most. And I’ve finally found what I would consider the best parkour headphones.

Yurbuds Ironman Inspire Pro EarphonesYurbuds Earphones

Technical Specifications
15mm speaker
Dynamic driver
20Hz-20kHz frequency response
Neodymium magnet
3 Button remote + mic
4ft cord
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Yurbuds might be a brand that you have never heard of before. They are a relatively new company that specializes in producing earphones for athletic and outdoor activities. Interestingly, they’ve used parkour athletes in several past promotional pieces. Anyways, are the Inspire Pros actually any good for parkour?

FitYurbuds Ironman Inspire Pro

The Yurbuds have a unique ear tip design. They use what Yurbuds calls “Twist-Lock” technology. After you insert the earphones, you are supposed to twist them so that the rubber edges lock in. The marketing of this is kind of gimmicky, but it actually does work. The fit is secure and stable, much more so then regular earphones. The silicone tips they use are very grippy and won’t come out easily. And unlike many other sport headphones, they achieve this without any annoying ear hooks or clips.

As a side note, make sure the cord is tucked away good, you don’t want these things to be ripped out.


Given the strange shape of the tips and promise of a super secure fit, I did not expect the Yurbuds to be very comfortable. However, I was pleasantly surprised, as they are quite comfortable to wear. A few hours of training with them should be no problem. They come with somewhat oversized tips which helps avoid pressure points.

Sound Quality

If you are expecting audiophile sound quality, you are going to be disappointed. The sound quality of the Yurbuds is acceptable, but they certainly aren’t going to win any awards. Given what they are designed for, I am willing to overlook some deficiency in sound quality. Personally, they are more than passable for wearing while training to me, but they aren’t something I would wear at home all the time to listen to music.

The Yurbuds don’t isolate noise all that well; they allow enough ambient sound in so that you can be aware of your surroundings. They were designed this way intentionally and this is a selling point to me, but if you are looking to block out all noise (I think a bad idea), these are not for you.


I don’t foresee any real problems with durability. Overall, build quality is decent, although a few details could be better. For instance, there are no strain reliefs for the cord. On the plus side, the Yurbuds are sweat and water resistant and the cable is Kevlar reinforced. The Yurbuds are also inexpensive enough that you won’t be devastated if they do get destroyed, but I would expect them to last a good while barring any unfortunate accidents.

Bottom Line

The Yurbuds make good on their promise not to fall out. If you are looking for a pair of earphones that don’t budge, are comfortable to wear, have reasonable durability, and okay audio quality, the Yurbuds should certainly be considered.

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Andrew - November 30, 2015

Just watch out if you fall on your back and you stupidly put your iPhone with the headphones in a back pocket! I fell down and broke the headphone jack but other than that like they said they are good!

zandy - December 30, 2015

I just started parkour a week ago and I feel like the best head phones are the ones that you are comfortable with I tryed these and they didn’t work for me that well so now I use ubeats by dre they have great sound and they don’t come out easy.

Diego Gillmore - March 25, 2016

sooooooo much
relly hellpfull

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