a man's legs wearing parkour pants

Top 8 Best Parkour Pants to Try Right Now

Practicing parkour is one of the most fun and challenging experiences available today. There is nothing quite like soaring through the air and turning heads with your advanced acrobatic maneuvers. However, it is important that you choose the right clothing while training or competing.

a man's legs wearing parkour pants

Parkour pants are an integral part of your wardrobe choice. Appropriate attire will allow for full range of motion, protect your shins from injury, be easy to care for, and most importantly be comfortable. This article is going to cover the top parkour pants available organized by how affordable they are.

Eight of The Best Parkour Pants to Consider

1) AeroSkin Dry Men’s Active Performance Track Pants

AeroSkin’s track pants are an excellent choice for those looking for a great balance of comfort and affordability. They only cost $18.99 making them the most affordable parkour pants covered in this article. The quick-dry and moisture wicking fabric makes this product perfect for use during even the hottest summers.

It is made of 100% polyester, and the legs allow plenty of room for aerial maneuvers. One thing to bear in mind with this material type is that it does have a tendency to run small. However, caring for it is very easy. You simply machine wash using the cold setting and air dry them.

2) Take Flight Parkour Pants

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Take Flight’s parkour pants are another excellent choice. They cost a little more than the previous product retailing for $32. However, they do offer slightly more room in the knee area. This makes them ideal for many different complex moves by increasing your range of motion.

In terms of how comfortable they are, these pants feel great and are perfect for both summer and winter use. They are made from a blend of polyester and cotton. This makes them slightly easier to care for since they are machine-washable and can be tumble-dried using the low heat setting in your dryer.

3) Run Free Training Pants

In terms of costs, Run Free’s training pants and Take Flight’s are the same. They both retail for $32. These pants feature a wide leg opening, plenty of knee space, and provide a great deal of protection for your legs from slips and falls.

They feature a polyester and cotton blend. This makes them perfect for use in a variety of weather conditions. The cotton material is a great insulator during the winter that also helps to naturally draw away sweat to keep you cool during the summer. As for comfort, these pants sit naturally at your waist and provide plenty of room to move around.

4) Original Parkour Pants

The Original Parkour pants are number four on our list in terms of affordability. They cost $35, and the majority of users report that the fit as expected. They are made from a blend of 50% polyester and 50% cotton.

This makes them suitable for use in both cold and hot weather. The pants are a little more narrow than some of the previous ones covered. However, they still provide plenty of room for even the most complex maneuvers. They also have a very stylish design on the right side that is available in either blue or red.

5) WB Parkour Pants

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WB’s parkour pants are number five in our list regarding affordability. You can purchase them at the price of $39. These pants are made from 100% polyester. Due to the material, these pants are best used during the warmer weather. Also, they should be air dried only.

One of the best features about these pants are the zippered pockets. This helps secure valuables and loose change while doing backflips and other moves. Another great feature is the drawstring mechanic at the ankles. This helps to reduce airflow and improve your aerodynamics when hurtling through the air.

6) Pants with Zipper Pockets by Zippy Shorts

These pants by Zippy Shorts are perfect for parkour. They are made from a polyester blend material that naturally wicks away moisture. This makes them mainly ideal for hotter climates and summer use.

The pants feature pockets with zippers that close downward. This makes them a great choice for securing all your valuables during your parkour routine. The seams are also double stitched to help prevent accidental tearing. As for comfort, the elastic waistband with comfort drawstring sits naturally at the waist and doesn’t tug.

7) Untamed Men’s Parkour Flow Pants

Untamed’s parkour pants come in as number seven regarding affordability retailing for $69.90. These pants are made from a polyester blend and are most suitable for use in warmer climates. One of the interesting elements of this product is its water resistant design. This makes them a great choice for use in areas with frequent showers.

These parkour pants also have hidden pockets to store your valuables. Unfortunately, the pockets do not zip closed. While being on the inside does help to secure the items, a zippered opening would provide greater peace of mind knowing your valuables will not fall out.

8) Vaiden Eris: Reflective Athletic Performance Pants

These pants by Vaiden Eris are perfect for parkour, weightlifting, jogging, and more. They are number eight on our list in terms of affordability and cost $70. However, they do come with many useful features. For example, they have reflective decals that improve your visibility during nighttime and early morning use.

They also have zippered openings to secure your belongings, adjustable leg openings to control airflow and reduce drag while practicing, as well as a moisture wicking design that makes these pants perfect for summertime use.

Ultimately, the best parkour pants for you are going to allow you to move freely, provide optimum comfort, secure your possessions, and provide adequate insulation. For those of you in cooler climates, you may be better suited to choose pants made with a cotton polyester blend. For summer use, polyester is usually the better choice.

Feel free to try out one of our recommended choices. Afterward, you can tell us what you thought about it. For those of you who have recommendations of your own, we look forward to your feedback as well.

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