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Top 6 Best Track Pants on the Market in 2018

One thing you’ll need for a good run is a pair of comfortable track pants. If you don’t already have a pair of great fitting running pants, please keep reading this article. Below, we’ll go over six of the best track pants you can buy for both men and women. This list goes from the cheapest pair of track pants to the most expensive one.

1. Champion Women’s Jersey Pocket Pants

a woman wearing a gray pair of Champion Women's Jersey Pocket Pants

Price: $13-$44.


Champion’s Jersey Pocket Pants is one of the best track pants on the Internet for women. All of these pants have side pockets, a logo on the left thigh, and are machine washable. There are four colors for this brand of track pants: midnight vista blue heather, Oxford grey, black, and granite heather.

Note, there are different polyester/cotton ratios for different colored pants ranging from 100 percent cotton to 60 percent cotton & 40 percent polyester. Prices for these pants go from $13 to $44 depending on the size.


Women who order this product say the pants are comfortable enough to be worn while running or as throw-around pants. The price range for these Champion pants is quite reasonable, and it’s convenient that these track pants come in such a variety of colors and cotton/polyester ratios.

You can easily choose the particular brand of track pants that best suits your style and material preferences. Plus, judging from the high volume of positive reviews online, it’s safe to say these Champion pants are the unofficial best track pants for women!


Some women find these pants incredibly itchy. This really depends on your polyester/cotton ratio and how those fabrics react to your skin. These pants are quite thin, so if you live in a colder area, please keep this in mind. Some women actually have to wear leggings under these pants when they go outside in the fall or wintertime.

2. Sport-Tek Men’s Wind Pants

a man wearing a black pair of Sport-Tek Men's Wind Pants

Price: $21-$38.


Although Sport-Tek isn’t as well known as Nike or Adidas, this company puts out a good quality pair of men’s track pants called Sport-Tek Men’s Wind Pants. This 100 percent polyester product has an elastic waistband, a drawcord, and a zipper closure.

There are also some added linings around the knees and a back pocket. Some of the colors you can choose from are black, maroon, true red, navy blue, and forest green. Sizes range from small to XXXX-large. Depending on what size you choose, the price of these pants is between $21 and $38.


The major pro for Sport-Tek’s track pants is obviously the price. This is one of the best track pants on the market for the price, mainly because it doesn’t have the “brand name” status of other multinational corporations. These pants are an excellent value play. If you’re shopping on a budget and need some track pants that’ll get the job done, it’s probably a good idea to look at these track pants first off.


Of course, since these pants are cheaper than most other brands, don’t expect exceptional quality. Some men say they have problems with the back pocket flopping open, and other customers have issues with the length.

If you don’t mind little inconveniences in your workout pants, these Sport-Tek nylon track pants will probably get you through your workout just fine. However, if you need high-quality pants, you’re probably going to have to spend a bit extra on a name brand product.

3. Adidas Performance Women’s 3 Stripes Pants

a woman wearing a pair of adidas Performance Women's 3 Stripes Pants

Price: $21-$40.


Adidas is a well-respected German manufacturer of sportswear that sends its products all around the world. The company’s best track pants for both men and women are definitely the 3 Stripes Pants. Here we’ll discuss the 3 Stripes Pants for women.

All of these pants have an open hem, side-seam pockets, and elastic waistband, and the Adidas brand logo on the front. All of these pants are 100 percent polyester tricot.

There are three-color types to these pants, including black with white stripes, dark indigo with grey stripes, and black with pink stripes. You can order these pants in X-small all the way up to large. The prices of these pants range from $21 for an X-Small to $40 for a large.


One interesting pro for these track pants are the huge pockets. Customers say they can comfortably fit their smartphone in one of these front pockets.

If you carry around a ton of things around with you while you jog, this could be a very convenient feature. Also, many women say these pants are thick enough to be warm in the winter and airy enough for the summer heat.


You might need to hem these track pants once you get them. There are numerous complaints online that say these pants are way too long. With a bit of hemming, however, you could probably adjust the length of these pants to your height. And, you probably already know, you’ll be paying a bit extra just for that Adidas logo.

4. Puma Men’s Contrast Pants

a man wearing a pair of PUMA Men's Contrast Pants

Price: $25-$40.


Although the German multinational Puma is best known for its track shoes, it also offers a popular pair of track pants for men. Simply called Puma Men’s Contrast Pants, these 100 percent polyester track pants are machine washable and have two pockets in the front.

There is a Puma logo both on the left hip and on the back with white stripes on the sides. You can order a navy-blue pair of pants if that better suits your style. The sizes of available for these Puma track pants go from small to XX-large. Prices are $25 for a small and $40 for XX-large.


Although these pants are made of a thin fabric, most men have no problems wearing them on cold days for a jog. Another positive often mentioned in reviews is the pocket size.

The pockets are quite deep and will easily handle common items like smartphones. By the way, although these Puma pants are officially for men, women have been known to wear them.


A few men have said that the pants are tight on their thighs. Men with muscular thighs might want to buy a size larger than what they would normally wear. Also, these pants are only available in the classic black with white stripes or navy blue. People with a different fashion sense will need to look elsewhere for track pants.

5. Adidas Men’s 3 Stripe Track Pants

a man wearing a pair of adidas Men's 3 Stripe Pants

Price: $45.


A great pair of Adidas track pants for man is called Adidas Men’s 3 Stripe Track Pants. This particular brand of pants is black and made of 84 percent polyester. There are yellow and black stripes along the sides of these pants.

Colors include dark navy, black, and lead. Sizes in these pants range from a small to a XXXX-large. The average price of these pants is $45.


The main pros customers note about this product are durability and flexibility. Many of the people who order these pants are professionals in physical therapy or pro sports. You will experience a great amount of freedom whether you’re squatting, bending, or running in these pants.

Also, many customers say the colors on these pants are just as clear as when they bought them years ago. These are the best track pants for men who are serious about their workout routine.


The main con with this product is the price. You are paying for higher quality with this product, so it’s best to invest in these pants only if you’re a professional athlete or physical therapist. A few men who bought these pants for casual wear were disappointed. The pants were designed to help pros take off their athletic shoes, not for doing chores around the house.

6. Nike Men’s Striker Track Pants 2

a black pair of Nike Men's Striker Track Pant 2

Price: $40-$80.


Nike is the most powerful American multinational sportswear manufacturer. The best track pants from this company are the Nike Men’s Striker Track Pants Version 2. These pants are 100 percent polyester and have the Nike logo on the top of the left hip.

You can order this product in a range of colors. Just a few of the colors available for this Nike track pants include black, grey, navy blue, and anthracite. Sizes go from small to X-large. Depending on what size pants you get, the prices range from $40 to $80.


Many of the men who bought these pants say they are excellent for summer wear and training. The pants are rather thin, which allows for great oxygen flow and flexibility in the gym. Also, you have a variety of colors to choose from to express your style. The men who purchased these pants say they are incredibly stylish and fit snuggly.


A few reviewers say these pants are a bit heavier and baggier than they expected. There have also been reports of fake striker pants being sold under the Nike name on the Internet. Be sure to buy your Nike Men’s Striker Track Pants 2 from a reputable website if you buy them online.

Let’s Recap

Hopefully one of these six best track pants fits your budget, training needs, and style. All of the brands listed above are some of the most respected in the industry, and the particular items we’ve chosen have high ratings online.

You can order all six of these best track pants on the Internet’s major retailers. Within only a few days, you’ll have the best track pants for running at your front door…and no more excuses to get out there and exercise!

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