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7 Most Famous Parkour Athletes in the World

The most famous parkour athletes in the world stand out due to their dedication to the sport and their excellent advice. Many of these athletes work long and hard to create YouTube channels and other video shows. These videos help young parkour athletes get into shape and learn how to compete at a higher level. The following seven athletes are some of the best in the world and will help you become a better competitor.

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1. Jesse La Flair

No one in competitive parkour is currently as recognizable or respected as Jesse La Flair. This incredible athlete has placed in eight different National and International competitions, placing first in two different events. In 2013, he won the Best Trick Award for holding the highest scoring run ever at the Red Bull Art of Motion.

This fame has helped him earn a career as a stuntman in various commercials and movies. His most significant role yet was when he played Nightcrawler’s stunt double in X-Men Apocalypse. All of the impressive stunts Nightcrawler performed in that movie were designed and choreographed by La Flair. And with over 300,000 viewers on his engaging YouTube channel, La Flair is an inspiration to parkour athletes everywhere.

2. Tim Shieff

In the world of famous parkour athletes, few are as well known as Tim Shieff. Shieff has been active in the freerunning world for over a decade and won the 2009 Barclaycard World Freerun Championship. He also showed up on MTV’s Ultimate Parkour Challenge a handful of times.

Shieff then converted his parkour skills into an appearance on the 2011 and 2012 American Ninja Warrior competitions. His YouTube channel is currently hovering around 180,000 subscribers. Shieff shares his moves and tips on this channel and remains one of the most famous parkour athletes in the world.

3. Ryan Doyle

Though Doyle is one of the oldest parkour athletes on this list, he is one of the most famous. He was born in Liverpool in 1984 and helped to found the World Freerunning and Parkour Federation. As a result, he is one of the most important and famous parkour athletes ever to compete.

Doyle has also appeared in a few movies, such as Freerunner from 2011. His documentary series, Doyle’s Travel Story, won Best International Series at the YouTube Streamy Awards. Currently, his diverse and engaging YouTube channel has over 70,000 subscribers.

4. Dimitris Kyrsanidis

This Greek athlete is one of Red Bull’s best parkour runners. He started his career in 2007 and has become one of the most famous and promising of all parkour athletes. He spent years of his life running through his native Greece and practicing his moves. His sponsorship with Red Bull has helped him remain in the spotlight for years.

Kyrsanidis runs a fun and lighthearted YouTube channel that has just under 35,000 subscribers. On his channel, he showcases his latest moves, makes some funny jokes, and even discusses his competition in various types of parkour and freerunning events. While his career is in its early stages, he has become a favorite parkour athlete for many and is one to emulate.

5. Pavel Petkuns

Born in 1992, Petkuns started practicing his freerunning style early. His native Latvia had been through some difficult circumstances but was rebounding nicely around the time he was born. As a result, a sense of honor and discipline was instilled in him at a young age. As a result, he earned a Red Bull sponsorship and is quickly becoming a favorite with many runners.

Petkuns started his career in 2009 and has already won an Art of Motion championship from Red Bull. His YouTube channel is an active and engaging way to learn more about him and his career. He is nearing about 18,000 subscribers and is likely to earn even more as he continues to compete and provide a high-profile experience for Red Bull.

6. Victor Lopez

Though Lopez may not be in the competitive spotlight as often as he used to be, he remains one of the most famous of all parkour athletes. His fame is due to his early influence on the sport. Lopez formed Team Tempest in California, one of the earliest of all parkour teams. With their influence, the sport was able to expand and become the competitive world it is now.

Lopez is known as an innovator who has continually created new moves and exciting variations. For example, he has designed moves such as The Rayden, the Dash Bomb, and the Screwdriver. These moves were covered in the now famous Showtime in the Gym video. While Lopez does not have a dedicated YouTube channel, this video will show him in action.

7. Jason Paul

In many ways, Jason Paul deserves to be higher on this list. His impressive YouTube channel already has 200,000 subscribers, even more than Tim Shieff. However, Paul is still a young competitor that has to grow in the sport in many ways. At just 25, he is one of the youngest of all the parkour athletes on this list. However, Paul is a promising competitor who’s fame on YouTube is well deserved.

This German-born athlete is impressive because he gave up having a permanent place of residence years ago. As a result, he is always in motion and regularly competing in parkour events. This youthful energy has made him a constant presence on the scene and someone who always puts on a good show. And his highly-evolved parkour skills place him in the upper tier of parkour competitors. In about 5-10 years, Paul will probably top our list.

Final Thoughts

Each of these famous parkour athletes has spent years, and even decades, improving their body and practicing their parkour skills. Their videos and awards showcase a group of people who are worth emulating if you want to become one of the most famous parkour athletes ever. If you think we skipped your favorite parkour athlete, please don’t hesitate to drop us a line and let us know.

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