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How to Do a Butterfly Kick – Seven Secrets You Should Know Before Practice

Learning how to do a butterfly kick or a butterfly twist can significantly improve your parkour skills and make you a hit among your parkour buddies. It is a move that is dazzling when appropriately done and which lets you transition to many other techniques. Beyond that, it simply looks more impressive and cool than the relatively simple techniques required to perform it would suggest.

However, it can also be a painful move if you fail to master how to do a butterfly kick before trying it in a real setting. Even worse, it can cause injuries if you don’t take the following seven steps before your first practice. In this way, you can learn how to do a butterfly kick quickly and efficiently.

boy silhouette jumping of joy in nature

1. Upper Body Strength Is just as Important as Leg Strength

When figuring out how to do a butterfly kick, many people spend their time working on just their leg strength. While this is a great step to take, it is also crucial to improve your upper body strength. In fact, it may be even more important. That’s because you’ll need this strength to lift your body off the ground.

Just as importantly, you’ll need it for proper balance and control. We suggest several core exercises, such as squats and crunches, to improve your base of power. It is also essential to do chest routines to increase your muscle tone. This action will further enhance your jumping skills. This is why you should consider incorporating strength and conditioning workouts into your physical training routine.

2. Balance Exercises are Critical

While you might think that strength is all you need when learning how to do a butterfly kick, balance is just as important. That’s because you’ll need great stability to leap into the air properly. You’ll also need balance to land without falling. A poor sense of balance will make it harder for you to stick the landing and transition to other kinds of parkour moves.

We suggest routines like weighted BOSU ball squats, single-leg stair squats, jump rope, and reverse lunges to improve your balance. Squats are particularly helpful because they can also improve your core strength at the same time. Combining multi-purpose exercises like this is a great idea when learning how to do a butterfly kick.

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3. Yoga Can Improve Your Flexibility

Another important step to take when learning how to do a butterfly kick is performing regular yoga moves. Yoga is great because it helps to improve your balance, calm your mind, and can even increase your strength. We suggested Iyengar if you are new to yoga. Then, you should transition to Ashtanga to boost your strength.

Make sure that you master techniques that force you to do challenging balancing acts. For example, you should stretch until you can get your head as close to the floor as possible without bending your knees.

Afterwards, you need to work at increasing your leg flexibility and strength until you can bring your leg to your head. In this way, you are ready to start learning how to do a butterfly kick.

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4. Practice These Postures

Once you feel you are prepared for the physical demands of this move, practice the following postures a few times. It is relatively simple, and includes these steps:

  • Stand with your legs slightly wider than your shoulders.
  • Keep your arms up and ready to move.
  • Pivot on your right foot and pull your arms back for the jump.
  • Dip down and swing your body towards your left leg.
  • Pull your upper body forward while jumping off of your left leg.
  • Keep your body straight as you pull your opposite leg up for the spin.
  • Bring down your right leg to start your landing.

5. Start Slow and with a Mat

If you think you are ready to practice this move a few times, make sure that you place a large mat in your practice area. You can do this practice outside or inside, depending on your space needs. We suggest doing it inside to avoid embarrassment. You don’t need passerby laughing at you while you struggle to master how to do a butterfly kick on your front lawn.

That’s because you’re going to fall quite a bit before you finally master this routine. You may be used to this because parkour requires a lot of failures when learning a new move. However, each failure is a stepping stone to becoming a master of how to do a butterfly kick.

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6. Progress Quickly to More Difficult Moves

If your first few attempts at learning how to do a butterfly kick are going awry, it is important to scale back your practice. There’s a chance you might need to try out some simpler moves first. For example, you can do a cartwheel to get a feel for the movements necessary for a butterfly kick. Then, you can transition to a one-handed cartwheel.

These straightforward techniques are more basic than a butterfly kick and more comfortable to master. In fact, if you can do a one-handed cartwheel, you must surely be ready to perform a butterfly kick. However, make sure you are confident with yourself in this technique before moving on to any harder ones.

7. Plan Your Moves Before Attempting Them

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By now, you should have a pretty good start on preparing yourself for regularly practicing butterfly kicks. However, you should also make sure that you create several routine variations in your head before practicing this move. That’s because you can use a butterfly kick to transition to a multitude of parkour techniques.

For example, when mastering how to do a butterfly kick, you need to understand that when you land, you’ll be heading in the direction you started before the kick. Use this fact to create fun and exciting routines. For example, you could do a forward roll off of a bench, leap into a butterfly kick, and then do a slide off of the seat. These movements create a stunning and surprising sequence that is fun to perform.

Final Word

With these steps, you should be able to learn how to do a butterfly kick at a fast pace. However, make sure that you try it out in a practice setting before trying it out in the real world. When starting out practicing this move, make sure that you always have a mat underneath you. Walk yourself through these techniques several times, and you’ll be showing others how to do a butterfly kick with ease.

If you have any experience with mastering how to do a butterfly kick and have tips that you think we should highlight, don’t hesitate to let us know. We always love hearing from our informed and exciting readers. As always, please share this article with others who may be interested in learning how to do a butterfly kick.

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