a pair of nike shoes

Nike Free Run Review: Features, Pros & Cons

The right pair of shoes can make a drastic difference for just about any activity. There are shoes designed for professional settings that are comfortable, ones that are designed for conditions like high arches, and more. For those interested in high-performance activities like running or parkour, Nike Free Run shoes may be the perfect fit.

a pair of nike shoes

This article is going to explore the different features of Nike Free Run shoes. It will cover several important aspects of the shoes including their features, pros, cons, and their suitable uses. At the end, we will recap our final thoughts on the product.

Top Features of Nike Free Run Shoes

The origins of Nike’s Free Run deserve mentioning to get a basic understanding of its features. The shoes were developed by three of Nike’s employees after learning that athletes at Stanford University were training barefoot at the institution’s golf course.

After seeing this, the team set out to develop shoes that mimicked the bare foot’s natural movement for runners and other athletes. Based on their research, Nike Free Run shoes were born. With this in mind, the main feature of the shoes is the flexible structure and solid support.

The shoes sport a mesh design that is surprisingly resilient and breathable. Another main feature that needs mentioning is the slim design of the shoe’s sock liner. This allows the shoes to better conform to the unique shape of your foot.

As far as the insole goes, it is comprised of a single layer of ortho foam with a thin mesh layer on the top. This helps to improve the overall traction and airflow of the insole. The shoes also have special cables that secure the shoe laces while providing extra support to both sides of the foot.

Nike Free Run shoes come in a variety of different styles for men, women, and children. You can even design your own custom shoes which ship in approximately five weeks. Pricing will vary based on the style and options selected. You can take a look at all the Nike Free Run options available on Nike’s website.

Pros and Cons of Nike Free Run Shoes

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Nike Free Run Advantages

  • Return Period: One great thing about Nike Free Run shoes that is worth mentioning is their return period. The return period is 30 days from the original purchase date. Returns can be made for any reason during this period with proof of purchase.
  • Great Side Support: The five flywire support cables provide excellent support even when quickly changing your movement direction.
  • Flexible Design: The flexible design is great because it allows your feet to experience their natural range of motion. The shoes do not require a heavy breaking in period before use.

Nike Free Run Disadvantages

  • Arch Support: Unfortunately, Nike Free Run shoes do not offer much in the way of arch support. This means these shoes may not be a great fit for those who have problems like high arches.
  • High Price: Another negative point to consider is the high price range of the shoes. Most adult models retail for around $100. However, you can find some models on sale for around $70.
  • Cushion For The Heel: While the thin sock liner does allow for greater adaptability to the shape of your foot, it does not offer much in the way of cushion. Be sure to wear socks that provide enough impact resistance to avoid friction burns and calluses.

The Bottom Line of Nike Free Run Shoes

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Nike Free Run Shoes are perfectly designed for sports like parkour and long distance running. The mesh design is naturally thin in certain key areas to better promote air exchange during your workout.

The toe area is especially flexible and can bend with ease. This is particularly useful for gaining traction when you are preparing for a running leap or other advanced maneuvers. As for maintaining a secure footing, the shoes have an impressive tread pattern that is suitable for a variety of weather conditions.

As for support, the shoes have two areas where it is concentrated the most. The first is right below the toe area about midway across the shoe. The strap keeps your foot securely anchored and prevents excessive sideways movements.

In addition to that support, the flywire cables run along the remainder of the shoe and attach to the shoe laces. This further helps secure the shoe and helps to maintain a comfortable fit. As far as designs go, there are many different versions currently available for purchase from Nike.

Many of the varieties available have features like reflective decals. This makes them a great choice for working out in the early morning or late at night when visibility can be an issue.

One last point that is worth mentioning is the shoe’s lightweight design. A men’s size 10 only weighs approximately 8.7 ounces. This makes them an excellent choice for people who commute to the gym regularly after work that want to keep their gym bag’s weight down.

To Conclude With

If you are looking for an excellent running shoe that is perfect for active sports like parkour, then Nike Free Runs may be the perfect selection for you. Their lightweight design, adaptable nature, and breathable mesh material all are major factors that make them an excellent choice.

Feel free to find the pair that works best for you and tell us about your experiences below. For those of you who already own a pair, we would love to hear your thoughts as well.

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