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Nike Track Pants Review

Nike is America’s top multinational athletic apparel manufacturer. Headquartered in Beaverton, Oregon, this company’s iconic swoosh logo and “Just Do It” motto are recognized by athletes around the globe. Anyone interested in Parkour, track & field, or sprinting will find tons of exceptional Nike track pants online.

One of the most popular Nike track pants on the marketplace is called the Nike Men’s Athletic Track Tight Pants. Many pro runners love these Nike track pants, but are they the right fit for your lifestyle? In this review, we’ll go over the pros and cons of this iconic brand’s hottest track pants.

nike track pants mens

Top Features of Nike Track Pants for Men

As the name suggests, the Nike Men’s Athletic Track Tight Pants fit extremely close to your legs and around your waist. The waistband on this product is elastic and the black polyester fabric clings to the surface of your skin. Nike says these track pants have Dri-FIT technology, which means the pants are able to literally absorb your sweat while you’re running. Your sweat will go to the surface of these pants and naturally evaporate into the air. There are two zipper pockets in the front of these pants with the Nike logo on the left leg. As of today, these Nike track pants are only available in black. You can choose from sizes ranging from small to X-large. Depending on what size you choose, you could spend anywhere between $50 to $80 on these Nike track pants.

Pros and Cons of Nike Track Pants

Pros of Nike Track Pants

  • The main feature consumers like about this product is the Dri-FIT technology. Anyone who sweats a lot during their workout routine will love how fresh and airy these pants feel. These Nike track pants will literally divert your sweat away from your body and out into the atmosphere. You’ll be amazed how dry your pants feel (and how fresh you smell) after a run!
  • As with any other Nike product, expect great quality in these track pants. Men who wear these track pants absolutely love how stylish they look. The simple black color with the white Nike logo design is understated, but it will definitely turn a few heads as your running around the track field.
  • Most men who review this product say the pants fit tight around their legs and waist, but they don’t feel uncomfortable while wearing them. These pants don’t cling so tight to your body that you’ll feel constricted during your run. There is a bit of give to these pants, which gives you an optimal amount of comfort.
  • The Nike Men’s Athletic Track Tight Pants is one of the most positively reviewed Nike track pants online. These pants currently have a solid four-star rating on Amazon and are an official “Amazon Choice” product. Some reviewers actually say these Nike track pants are better than similarly designed Adidas track pants. Of course, only you can judge for yourself which product you like better, but that’s pretty impressive to hear from a non-sponsored reviewer.

Cons of Nike Track Pants

  • A few reviewers online say these Nike pants rip easily, especially in the crotch area. Most of the men who have this complaint do intense stretching or yoga poses as a part of their workout routine. Remember, these pants were designed specifically for runners. If you do a lot of intense stretching, then you might want to invest your money in yoga style pants.
  • Somewhat related to the last point, the Nike Men’s Athletic Track Pants aren’t great for just “kicking around.” These pants were designed for athletic performance, not for comfortably getting around town and shopping. A few men who have written reviews online say these pants aren’t a great option for dancing in the club either. Especially considering these track pants’ rather steep price, you shouldn’t buy these pants unless you’re seriously interested in cardio.
  • This brings us to our next con: the price. You should expect to pay top dollar for a Nike product. While this price isn’t unreasonable when you consider the superior quality of Nike’s line of clothing, that doesn’t take away the high price tag. You’re going to need some disposable income to buy these pants online. Also, always buy your Nike products through a reputable website. There have been many reports of phony Nike products floating around online, so just be aware.
  • Although many customers think these Nike pants are quite stylish, you can only choose the black color at the moment. You’ll have to look elsewhere to find a pair of Nike track pants with a wider array of color options.

The Bottom Line: Are These Nike Pants Right For You?

Nike has earned its lofty reputation by producing some of the finest products in the industry. The Nike Men’s Athletic Track Tight Pants are an excellent choice for track & field runners and Parkour enthusiasts. You’ll have to pay a bit extra for the Nike brand label, but you’ll definitely get Nike-level quality, comfort, and style with these pants. Committed runners out there should consider purchasing these exceptional track pants to seriously up their game.

In Conclusion

Even if you’re just an amateur jogger, you will benefit from wearing the Nike Men’s Athletic Track Tight Pants. The Dri-FIT feature makes these pants a must buy for anyone who sweats profusely during a run and/or lives in a warmer environment. Anyone interested in hardcore yoga or other routines that require intensive stretching should not pick up these pants. These Nike track pants do fit snuggly, but they aren’t as tight as pants designed for stretching. People just in the market for an exceptional pair of running pants, however, will absolutely adore these Nike pants. You can find these pants on any major retailer online including Amazon, eBay, and, of course, the Nike Store.

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