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Parkour Fails – A Must See Footage Of Their Funny Failed Stunts

Funny parkour fails are one of the longest standing traditions on the internet. The modern version of parkour was developed in France by Raymond Belle. Parkour (also known as freerunning) is actually derived from military obstacle training. Over the years, parkour has evolved and exploded with the advent of the internet (and in particular YouTube).

parkour fails

Parkour Background

The general idea of parkour was first brought to the masses after a volcanic eruption on Martinique in 1902. During the eruption, a French lieutenant helped to coordinate the evacuation of hundreds of indigenous people. He noted that during the evacuation, they were able to overcome obstacles in their way with “grace and creativity,” whereas the Europeans struggled to find pathways out amidst the wreckage. 

This opened his eyes to the value of physical fitness (as opposed to purely honor and courage) and led to him revolutionizing the way the French military was trained. This “Natural Method” of training proved highly effective and helped create the foundation for which modern parkour would evolve from.

Now a worldwide phenomenon, people all over the world are trying (and in many cases, failing) parkour. As everyone loves a videos of parkour fails, we've taken some time to put together five hilarious videos from people who probably shouldn't be parkouring in the first place.

Funny Parkour Fails

Video 1:


We start our list off with an internet tradition as old as time. While it isn't necessarily a traditional parkour fails video, the internet was built on videos of out-of-shape dudes trying to pull off some sweet acrobatic karate moves. This poor fella probably watched a few too many Jean Claude Van Damme movies the night before and thought to himself, "that 360 roundhouse kick looks totally doable". Not even a night's sleep could deter our hero from calling up his buddy and making some sweet backyard karate films. 

Videos like this are what the internet was built on and this video is eerily reminiscent of classic hits like "Afro Ninja". The simplicity of a man dressed entirely in the wrong clothing, with little to no martial arts experience, busting out some sick moves in front of his buddy with a camera are what makes the world such a great place. Just such an innocent and hilarious video to get the list of our funny parkour fails started.

The Best Part:

One sneaky underrated part of the video is the small kiddie pool sitting next to him. If you watch closely, during the brief second or two we get of him crashing to the ground, you can definitely see the water in the pool shake a bit more. The man hit the ground so hard he shook a body of water about 7 or 8 feet from where he was standing! 

All that said, why in the world was he wearing jeans? The man is trying to do some sort of 360 roundhouse kick and clearly didn't think about his leg flexibility before doing so. Everyone knows jeans are basically the most restrictive pants out there, yet this guy is out here trying to act like he's some sort of ninja. Newsflash buddy: ninjas don't wear purple V-necks and jeans. With clothing choices like that, he was setting himself up from the jump for one of the all-time great karate/parkour fails.

 All in all, our main man gave it a valiant effort but really stood no chance of ever pulling this sweet move off. Our guy was fully airborne and made quite a thud when he hit the ground. Maybe the ground gave him a hard wake up call to give up the karate/parkour life, but something tells us that isn't the case. Hopefully next time, our big guy will make a better choice in clothing to give himself the best chance possible (good luck).

Video 2:


Oh man, we were SO CLOSE to seeing this genius rearrange his face on that bench. Unlike our last video, this one is most certainly one of the classic parkour fails. Also unlike our last video, our hero this time around seems to be dressed for the occasion and ready to go. Unfortunately, the old phrase "look good, play good", doesn't apply here, as our friend didn't come remotely close to clearing the gap. Instead, our friend ended up falling well short with his face inches from annihilation. 

Upon his initial entry, our guy is bursting with confidence, without any clue in the world that he is about to take his place in parkour fails history. You can tell right from his first step that our hero has zero doubt that he's going to clear the gap with ease. He comes flying in sprinting at full speed towards the park bench he plans to use as a springboard. If anything, this might be the highest level of commitment we see out of anyone on this list. At least he believed in himself, right?

The Best Part:

Unfortunately, either our hero considerably overestimated his jumping ability or completely overran his mark. Either way, he barely makes his initial jump onto the 2-foot stone bench. The second he sets foot on the first bench, we can see on his face he knows he's made a grave mistake and has no business attempting this jump. He clearly lands well too far back on the first bench and realizes he has considerably more ground to cover than he initially anticipated. 

Bless his heart, he still fully commits and jumps as far as he can; but doesn't really even come close. It honestly is less of a jump and more of a "just hurl yourself at the target and hope for the best" maneuver. He goes flying face first towards the other bench, and in the moment you're almost certain our hero is about to smash his face into some hard concrete. 

Miraculously, he pulls his head up at the last second as we see his chest absolutely slam into the corner of the concrete bench. The look on his face when he pops back to his feet shows he's trying to play things off cool. It only takes a second before he can't keep up the charade and you can see him internally screaming, "why on earth did I do this?" before his buddy behind the camera decides to spare his friend any more misery and cut short what is truly one on the best parkour fails. 

Video 3:


SO CLOSE! As far as parkour fails go, this one is pretty PG. Our hero just narrowly avoided some serious injury and looks to have actually broken his fall with some skill (more than can be said for our previous two parkour fails). Our hero in this installment actually looks to have some idea of what he is doing and looks to be a step above the caliber of parkourers we saw in our previous videos. 

Where this video really got us is with the cinematography. For such a short video, the 5 second wait for our hero to enter the frame felt like an eternity. We have no clue if this kid just set his phone down and hit record or if he had a buddy behind the sticks, but the fact of the matter is that we were sitting on the edge of our seats waiting for something incredible to happen. To be honest, the suspense is half of what makes this video great, as the fail itself is far from the funniest on this list. 

With suspense at an all time high, our hero sprints onto the screen and executes a sweet front flip across a pretty sizeable gap. He comes flying in from off screen, and his approach seems nearly flawless. He immediately launches into a perfectly timed flip and looks to be on track to actually land a pretty awesome move. At this point, you basically assume this guy is going to nail the trick and walk off strutting into the sunset.

The Best Part:

Everything seems to be going perfectly for our man until he tries to stick the landing. Our man falls JUST short as his toes scrape the edge of the ledge and instantly shoot out from under him. The video goes from looking like a classic trick to an all time fail in a matter of milliseconds! With his face speeding towards the brick beneath him, it looks like things are about to get a whole lot worse for our fearless hero. 

However, in a last second incredible move of dexterity, our hero maneuvers his body so as he doesn't faceplant and seemingly safely rolls to a stop. His stomach looks to have taken a bit of a hit, but this could have been much, much worse considering his face was mere inches from annihilation. The video cuts out before we get some aftermath footage, but from the looks of his fall, it seems our guy might just be all right. 

This could have been way worse. Without some slick mid-air navigational skills, this kid could have easily slipped back and cracked his head on the ground or fallen forward into a vicious faceplant. Instead, he showcases without a doubt the most actual athletic ability of any of our funny parkour fails. While he by no means stuck the landing, he without a doubt cements himself as the "best of the worst" and has our stamp of approval as the best parkour athlete on the list.

Video 4:


Coming to us from the fellows over at Stride Freerun, from the jump you could just tell this video was about to be on the short list for the best parkour fails. From the timid parkour athlete to the behind-the-camera narration, this video has all the makings of an all-time classic. 

Not only does the cameraman bless us with some great commentary throughout, but thankfully the cameraman gifts us with the name of our hero in this installment: "Stuart". Starting off the video with a "Stuart, you HAVE to get down", helps give us some context into the fact that Stu might not necessarily be feeling too confident about this jump. 

You can even see Stuart's other friend in the black hoodie on top of the roof with him, giggling to himself about the fail that is about to ensue. Stuart confirms our initial assumption by slowly walking up to the ledge and nervously surveying his surroundings. Stuart then backs up and takes a single step before reconsidering. 

Stride is a group of freerunners who film and upload their clips, but from the looks of things, it is clear that Stuart might not necessarily be the top dog in their crew. If anything, Stuart looks like their friend who was talked into trying something WELL above his paygrade.

The Best Part:

At this point, our cameraman can be heard muttering "ahh, ****", a strong indicator of what is about to come next. Stuart then proceeds to not run, not walk, but more "race-walk" to the edge of the wall. Once our buddy Stuart reaches the edge, he doesn't necessarily jump, but more just walks off the ledge in one of the least athletic moves ever recorded on camera. 

It can safely be assumed that what is about to come next is not going to be very pretty. Stuart spreads his arms out and starts to flap them ever so slightly, maybe hoping that he'll magically start flying and not have to endure what comes next. 

What truly cements this video among the best parkour fails is the landing. After falling for a solid 10 feet, Stuart decides that it would be a smart idea to try and stick the landing as opposed to breaking his fall and rolling out of it. Stuart slams to the ground with both feet, taking the entire brunt of the fall, and immediately crumples to the ground. 

As the cameraman runs over, Stuart curls up into the fetal position briefly before miraculously popping back up on his feet. How he didn't walk away from this incident with two shattered ankles is beyond us, but from the immediate aftermath, Stuart actually looks to be okay after landing himself in the parkour fails hall of fame.

Video 5:


That will most definitely hurt tomorrow morning. Coming to us from parkour athlete Christian WInchell, this gem is one of the funnier parkour fails you'll see. We start off with our main man Christian standing on a concrete stool at a park next to the kids' play area (always a funny site watching grown men try serious stunts with small children playing in the background). Also we can see one of Christian's friends wearing the exact same outfit as he is. Nothing like a couple grown men in matching outfits at a children's park to give us our fix of parkour fails. 

Christian starts off by centering his balance and gives off the vibe that he really knows what he's doing here. With a YouTube channel named winchelltraining, we can assume that this guy is fairly athletic and SHOULD know what he's doing. We can clearly see Christian eyeing a small ledge about 7 or 8 feet away: a sizable jump, especially considering our man Christian is not getting a running start. He squats down and jumps towards the ledge fully confident in his abilities. If anything, this is probably the cleanest takeoff in any of these videos, and we actually though Christian might have a chance to make it.

The Best Part:

About halfway through the jump is where Christian starts to realize that this is probably going to end up on a parkour fails list somewhere, as he clearly sees that he will be coming up WELL short of the ledge. In a desperate attempt to stick the landing, he kicks out his feet towards the ledge in the hopes that maybe they'll reach (spoiler alert: they won't). 

With his body so far behind his legs at this point, there really isn't any hope of landing the jump. His feet briefly touch the ledge before the weight of his body comes flying in behind them and sends his feet shooting into the air. This leaves nothing between the edge of the ledge and Christian's behind. His backside slams into the edge of the ledge and Christian's legs immediately shoot straight up into the air and stiffen like he's just been knocked out. 

He immediately begins grabbing his posterior and writhing in pain. Unfortunately we don't end up getting to see too much more of the aftermath of Christian's fail, but it would be safe to say that he's going to have some trouble sitting for the next few days at the very least.


These videos are just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to great parkour fails. We hope you enjoyed our collection and that you're inspired to go find some more on your own. Just don't end up making one yourself!

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