Parkour FAQ


How do I start doing parkour?

Starting parkour can be intimidating to beginners, but it is actually very simple. Just get outside and start! Parkourpedia has an excellent set of tutorials you can browse through before beginning. Prepare like you would for any physical activity, find an obstacle, and start trying to efficiently move across it. As you encounter different obstacles and try out new techniques, you will get a better grasp on how to progress. Remember to take things slowly.

Is parkour safe?

Parkour is really as safe or dangerous as you make it. Jumping across rooftops and taking big drops can be parkour, but obviously this should be left to advanced practitioners and those who understand the risk. Parkour training is all about gradual progression. If you train at ground level, take reasonable safety precautions, and focus on perfecting technique and improving conditioning,  you can practice parkour with the same risk as any other dynamic athletic activity.

Where can I start taking parkour lessons?

As parkour has continued growing in popularity, many parkour schools and gyms have opened. If you’re lucky one will be near your area. Unfortunately, the online parkour community is quite fragmented so there is no one place I can point you to. However, a few minutes of Google searching should reveal any places nearby.


What are the best parkour shoes for a beginner?

Personally, I recommend Puma’s Faas 500, though there are many different shoes suitable for beginners. I’ve already written an article that gives information on what you should look for when buying parkour shoes.

What companies make parkour specific shoes?

The only shoe designed from the ground up for parkour that I know of is the OLLO Sapien.

Are skateboarding shoes good for parkour?

Skateboarding shoes are generally not recommended for parkour. They are typically too heavy and bulky to be ideal parkour shoes.

How often should I replace my shoes?

There is no hard or fast rule. All shoes are going to have different levels of durability. Similarly, different traceurs will put varying levels of stress on shoes. The simplest answer is you need to replace your shoe when they start breaking down and aren’t providing adequate support and grip. Don’t try to squeeze out extra time out of your shoes if you know they need to be replaced. It is not worth getting injured to try and save a few dollars.


Should I wear gloves when doing parkour?

This is a contested topic within the parkour community and a question that constantly comes up. In short, I would not wear parkour gloves all the time, but I think they are useful in some cases. If you want a much more detailed answer or are looking for what parkour gloves to buy you can check out my comprehensive guide to parkour gloves.