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Parkour Games: Top 8 Best Games Available Onlne

You've probably watched the viral videos of guys running and jumping across rooftops like ninjas. While the ninja element is fictional, the moves are real. These fancy moves are literally dubbed as the "art of movement" or what is popularly known as parkour. As with other urban sports, parkour has been adapted in video games. These parkour games involve the efficient (and stylish) moves of its real-world counterpart, as well as simulating the urban environment where it was born.

Parkour FAQ

Before we go to our list of parkour games, a quick overview about this popular urban movement.

parkour games

1. What Is Parkour?

Parkour is the art of moving from one spot to the other in the most efficient way possible. By "efficient" means being fluid, fast and dynamic without wasting unnecessary movements, and using only the human body.

This means traversing the shortest way from Point A to Point B by running, jumping, leaping, vaulting, diving, climbing, rolling, sliding, swinging, and going up, down and through obstacles. These are why the practitioners - called traceurs - must be physically and mentally fit to achieve these movements.

Also, because of its physical requirements, parkour is often described as a sport, exercise, and to some extent, a performance art.

2. Where Did It Originate?

Parkour is a relatively young discipline. Before it became popular among urban youth, it originated as a holistic exercise for firefighters in France during the 1980s. Parkour was developed by father and son Raymond and David Belle. It was the younger Belle, together with his friend Sebastien Foucan, who developed and organized the movements into what is known today as modern parkour. 

3. What Are the Common Parkour Moves?

Parkour has evolved quickly since its inception. Today, there are a lot of moves, but for beginners there are core movements that they must master before moving on to more complicated moves

These moves are:

  • precision jump - jumping and landing exactly at a target spot
  • vault - traversing an obstacle by jumping over it
  • run - efficient way of running to prepare for a leap or climb
  • wall up / wall run - climbing a wall efficiently
  • roll - rolling after landing to distribute weight and prevent injuries 

4. Is Parkour Easy and Safe?

Like most physical disciplines, parkour involves a lot of physical conditioning and practice. Because the philosophy is to get from A to B in the most efficient way possible, accidents are considered a hindrance. Thus, safety is very important. So traceurs observe and achieve safety through mastery.

 So yes, it is easy and safe only when you do it properly. You must be fit to pull off basic moves like jumping or running so you don't injure yourself. Parkour also preaches "progression" or moving slowly but surely in your parkour training. So patience during practice is a must. 

parkour games

5. Where Can You Do Parkour?

Parkour are often done in urban settings where there are a lot of "spots", or places rich with traversable obstacles like abandoned buildings, parks and streets. The "urban playground" offers benches, rails, fences, walls, and other man-made objects that are perfect for traversing, climbing, or jumping over.

Parkour is also done inside gyms (where many tricks are practiced) and in natural environments like woods and hills where rocks, logs and other nooks and crannies are perfect obstacles. 

6. What Are Parkour Games?

Parkour games are video games where parkour is the main gameplay.

How We Reviewed

We chose the games based the following on realistic they were, how fun they are to play, how long you play the game, the ease of play, replay value, and the quality of the game's graphics and sounds.

Overall Price Range of This Product

Most of the parkour games on the list are free to play online. So all you will need is a browser and internet connection.

What We Reviewed

Here's a rundown of the parkour games we reviewed.

  • Run 3
  • Fancy Pants 5
  • Vex 3
  • G Switch
  • Gravity Guy
  • Run Ninja Run 3
  • Parkour
  • Running Ink

Run 3

run 3


Run 3 is the third installment in the popular mobile game Run. It is also a free-to-play browser game.

The game features a cast of characters set in outer space who must navigate a series of tunnels. The levels get more and more difficult as the game progresses. Your objective is for these "runners" to cross these tunnels without falling into the emptiness of space. As you progress, you unlock power ups and other characters. Control is easy: Use "A" and "D" keys to move left or right, and SPACE to jump.


  • Easy but addictive gameplay
  • Over 200+ levels
  • Energetic soundtrack
  • Cute characters
  • Easy controls
  • High replay value
  • Cute graphics


  • Levels can be frustratingly hard at higher difficulties
  • Some level designs can be repetitive
  • Aside from jumping, no other parkour moves


Fancy Pants 5

fancy 5


The next on our list of parkour games is Fancy Pants 5. It is a platformer Flash game that lets you control a hero wearing his fancy pants. It can be played on your mobile devices or web browser.

Like most platformers, your hero must finish a level by running and jumping over, under and through obstacles. Use the arrow keys for left and right movement and the "S" key to jump. Along the way, you collect items, solve puzzles and fight enemies (defeat them by jumping and landing on them). There are multiple bosses in the games who require multiple landings to defeat.


  • Exciting soundtrack
  • Beautiful hand-drawn style graphics
  • Easy controls
  • Simple but addictive game play
  • Good parkour simulation


  • Game can be too easy
  • Not much replay value except for its addictive game play
  • No Collectibles
  • Level design can be repetitive

Vex 3

vex 3


If you are looking for more challenging parkour games, give Vex 3 a try. This simple browser game is a platformer that lets you control a stick figure and navigate different levels full of various deadly contraptions like saws, falling blocks, spikes, and a bottomless pit beneath. The game is already difficult on Act 1 its first level and becomes increasingly difficult as the game progresses. You use the "A", "W, "S", and "D" keys to move left, up, down, and right respectively. You can combine moves like double jumping to get over obstacles.


  • Very challenging levels
  • Easy controls
  • Great game level designs
  • Fluid parkour movements


  • Very short game (1-2 hours)
  • Little replay value
  • Some levels can be frustratingly difficult
  • Graphics is too simplistic
  • Unexciting soundtrack

G Switch

g switch


If you want a deceptively simple yet frustratingly difficult - but overall fun - game, then check out G-Switch. It can be played online as a Flash game or on your mobile devices.

As mentioned, this side-scrolling game is simple. You control a character with a special anti-gravity boots that lets him run upside down and latch onto any surface. The only key you need to press is "X" to activate your boots and switch up or down. You time your X to avoid hitting obstacles or falling into the abyss (must need to latch onto a surface).

Sounds simple, right? Just wait until the game progresses as the game side-scrolling movement becomes faster and the obstacles become trickier. You need to time your X perfectly or you will fall into the pit. The game becomes more difficult as you unlock different characters along the way.


  • Super challenging levels
  • Beautiful 2D graphics
  • Super easy control
  • Great level design
  • Simple but addictive gameplay
  • Challenging levels offer high replay value
  • Great eye-hand coordination exercise


  • Can be frustratingly difficult especially to beginners
  • Soundtrack is bland
  • Very short game
  • No collectibles or rewards to collect
  • Very little semblance to parkour

Gravity Guy

gravity guy


Another addictive free-to-play parkour game is Gravity Guy. You can play this sidescroller on a browser or on mobile devices. The great thing about it is its multiplayer option, which lets you play it together with friends, which adds to the challenge and fun!

You control a hero - Gravity Guy - who must run to avoid his pursuer. You press SPACE key to activate his anti-gravity powers, which allows your hero to stick to ceilings. Press it again to fall to the floor. The game ends if you get captured, or you step on a cracked ceiling or floor, which will break and you plummet to your death. Every level is full of obstacle so you must time your jumps to avoid capture or falling!


  • Multiplayer option
  • Cute graphics
  • Challenging levels
  • Easy controls
  • Simple but addictive gameplay


  • Boring soundtrack
  • Short game (<2 hours)
  • Little replay value

Run Ninja Run 3

run ninja run 3


If you are a fan of ninja and parkour, then you will be fan of this ninja parkour game: Run Ninja Run 3.

This sidescrolling game lets you control your ninja hero character as he gets chased by a rival ninja clan. You must jump across obstacles to avoid capture The game ends if you fall into a pit or the enemy ninja gets you. Along the way, you can collect powerups and coins to increase your score at the end of the level. There hidden bonuses so you must use your natural ninja instincts to sense where they are.

To control your ninja, just use the arrow keys to move; "UP" arrow to jump and "DOWN" arrow to slide. Like a true ninja game, you can unleash a ninja kick by pressing "SPACE" to destroy objects and obstacles.


  • Beautiful graphics and art style
  • Engaging soundtrack
  • Great level designs
  • Easy controls
  • High replay value (beat the high score)
  • Good storyline
  • Great parkour moves


  • Some levels are not very difficult
  • Levels are short
  • No collectibles or rewards




Another avoid-capture parkour game is literally named Parkour. You control a graffiti artist who is being chased by the cops. You must flee and avoid capture by running through obstacles. You do this while collecting paint cans to increase your points at the end of each level. You boost your points by spraying new graffiti while being chased.

Use the arrow keys to run and the SPACE to jump or climb. The number of pursuing cops increase as the level progresses. The game ends when you get captured or fall off the rooftops.


  • Cool gameplay
  • Simple but addictive
  • Great art style and graphics
  • Imbibes the urban spirit and movement of parkour
  • Engaging soundtrack


  • Some levels can be too easy
  • Game is short
  • Little replay value (aside from beating final score)

Running Ink

running ink


Running Ink is one of the earliest flash-based parkour games. It is a free-to-play browser game that lets you control a hero and navigate a series of obstacles. You must jump up, down and off walls to reach the end of the level.

You control your hero by using the "W", "A", "S", "D" keys to make your hero go left, down, up and right, respectively. To execute a double jump, just press "W" twice. The game's maze-like levels become more intricate as the game progresses.


  • Beautiful hand-drawn style graphics
  • Fluid parkour moves
  • Simple but addictive gameplay
  • Challenging levels
  • Cool "ink" art style


  • Bland soundtrack
  • Controls can be jaggy at times
  • Short levels
  • Low replay value

The Verdict

Each of these parkour games have their own unique challenges. Although all have the same sidescrolling / platforming playstyles, the degree of difficulty differs. For us, we highly recommend Fancy Pants 5 as our top online parkour game. It checks many of our criteria.

But if you love being challenged, then we highly recommend the super (frustrating) difficult Vex 3 or G-Switch. You will find yourself playing for hours trying to beat a level.

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