puma track pants

Puma Track Pants Review – Are They Worth It?

The German-based company Puma is now one of the world’s largest sportswear manufacturers. Over the past few decades, Puma has distinguished itself in the athletic apparel space for its high-quality, yet affordable, apparel line. One of Puma’s most successful products for amateurs and professionals alike is its men’s track pants. Specifically, we’re talking about the incredibly popular Puma Men’s Contrast Pants. Just because a bunch of other people love these pants, of course, doesn’t mean they’re necessarily right for you. If you’re curious about whether or not these Puma track pants will answer to your fitness needs, then please keep reading this review. We’ll explore both the pros and cons of this product below.

puma track pants

Top Features of Puma Track Pants

Puma Men’s Contrast Pants are all made of 100 percent polyester and can be ordered in any size between small and XX-large. The elastic waistband is designed to keep the pants snug against your waist. There are two hand pockets in the front sides of these pants.

Although the traditional style of these pants is black with white side stripes, you can now order these pants in a few other colors. The alternate styles for these pants include all black, navy blue with white stripes, and all gray. Every pair of pants has the iconic Puma logo on both the left leg and on the back. Prices for these Puma track pants range between $29.95 for the small and $39.95 for the XX-large.

Pros and Cons of Puma Track Pants

Puma Track Pants Advantages

  • Most of the clients who took the time to write a review about these pants online say the pants fit incredibly well, even if you’re a bit overweight. Also, reviewers report that the pants naturally absorb sweat from workouts without getting smelly afterwards. You should feel a great deal of breathability with these pants, especially while running outside on a windy day.
  • A majority of people who order these Puma track pants online use them for workouts, training, and jogging. Few encountered problems with the flexibility of the pants as they run around or stretch. Also, there are no reports that these pants are easily tearing during a workout session in online reviews.
  • With four different color styles to choose from, you certainly won’t have any difficulty finding a suitable pair of pants to compliment your fashion sense. Indeed, the darker colors are so sleek that you could easily get away with wearing these track pants while running errands around town. Also, the Puma logo both on the front and back of these pants is a great stylish touch.
  • Although these pants are listed on the men’s line, many women have ordered these pants and say they fit comfortably. Any female joggers out there should definitely give these pants a quick look through.
  • As of today, the Puma Men’s Contrast Pants have the highest volume of online reviews for a Puma track pants product. With over 200 reviews on Amazon, most of which are extremely positive, you can be assured these pants have been well tested by men around the world. The average score for these hundreds of reviews is four out of five stars.

Puma Track Pants Disadvantages

  • A few reviewers online complained about the thin material used to make these pants. If you’re doing a great deal of running in cold or windy areas, these pants might not be a great idea. Some men who’ve run into this problem say they were able to address the issue by purchasing a pair of pants one size above their normal fit. You could also wear a pair of thermals under these track pants if you’re running in a particularly chilly temperature.
  • Another complaint some customers had with these Puma track pants has to do with the pockets. Reviewers said the pockets were far too shallow for their tastes. If you keep items in your pockets while working out, you might loose your belongings in the process. A common issue men have with these pants is items falling out of their pockets when they go to sit down. While not everyone had this problem, it’s common enough that you should be aware of it.
  • These Puma track pants aren’t the most expensive on the market, but you will pay a bit extra for the Puma logo and the higher quality. If you’re looking for greater quality at an affordable price, you could probably easily find a pair of similar quality pants for a cheaper price.
  • There aren’t any reviews online for these Puma track pants from people who practice yoga or another stretching intensive sport. If you do a great deal of stretching in your workout routine, you might want to look for a pair of pants that are more form-fitting than these track pants.

The Bottom Line of Puma Track Pants

Anyone looking for a pair of reliable track pants to wear for workouts or just for “kicking around” can’t go wrong with this pair of Puma Men’s Contrast Pants. These stylish and snug fitting pants have high ratings online. They remain the company’s number one seller in the track pants market.

While you will pay a bit extra for the Puma name, you’ll also get the highly respected Puma level of quality. People who are serious about their workout routine should definitely give these pants a try.

Summing Up

Along with Adidas and Nike track pants, Puma is one of the major players in the global athletic apparel market. With so many years of experience under its belt, Puma is a name you can trust with your hard-earned money. People looking for a snug fitting and nice-looking pair of track pants with tons of good press should take a look at the Puma Men’s Contrast Pants.

With over 200 mostly favorable reviews online, Puma must’ve gotten something right with these popular track pants. Sure, this product isn’t perfect, but it has worked well enough for hundreds of athletes around the world. These track pants are readily available on all major online retailers.

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