shirtless muscular man standing on hands at the beach

7 Strength and Conditioning Workouts to Enhance Your Parkour Game


Strength and conditioning workouts are designed to help improve your strength, tone your body, boost your stamina, and make you a more successful athlete. If you are already involved with the parkour community, you probably have strength and conditioning workouts and several other exercises that you love to perform. However, there is also a chance that you need a little help getting to the next level.

That’s why we’re here to help. The following seven strength and conditioning workouts are designed to bulk you up, trim your body, boost your stamina, and make a stronger and more competitive athlete. All of these strength and exercise workouts have been carefully tested and rated according to their effectiveness.

shirtless muscular man standing on hands at the beach

1. Any Medicine Ball Routine

Medicine balls are nearly magical in the ways that they can help you to create high-quality strength and conditioning workouts. When you have a medical ball in a large and open area, you can throw it, lift it, and stretch with it. For example, you can hold it above your head to work your arm and chest muscles. You can then lift it off of the ground for effective strength and conditioning workouts.

We suggest getting at least two or three medicine balls of different weights. That’s because you’ll quickly acclimate to your lightest one and need heavier ones to improve your strength and conditioning workouts. However, you can also use lighter ones on days when you need a little rest or want to focus on toning.

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2. Sprinting

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Sprinting is one of the more challenging strength and conditioning workouts. This type of exercise requires a lot of fast-twitch muscle fibers. It also challenges your stamina by forcing you to push past your normal physical limits. Try sprinting 10 yards at a time to build up your stamina. Then, you can increase your run length until you are making 100-yard sprints without difficulty.

Once you reach this point, expand into wind sprints. These runs are among the most robust strength and conditioning routines available. You start by sprinting 10 yards to and from a target. Then, you rush 20 yards in the same way. Keep expanding your sprinting length by 10 yards until you reach 100. We promise that you’ll feel both exhausted and exhilarated after finishing this routine!

3. Multiple Exercise Reps

This simple one-hour workout will tone and stretch multiple areas of your body quickly and efficiently. Follow these steps, in this order, including the number of reps or paces suggested below:

  • Push-ups: 20.
  • Burpees: 10.
  • Walking lunges: 20.
  • Ab windshield wipers: 10 per side.
  • Jump squats: 10.
  • Inverted rows: 10.
  • Side lunges: 10.

It is a good idea to alternate this routine with something a little easier, such as barbell dead lifts. This step will help to keep you from getting too tired during your strength and conditioning workouts. It will keep you on track for a better body and improved parkour abilities.

4. Body-Lifting Exercises

One set of strength and conditioning workouts that we particularly like are body-lift routines. That’s because you are using your body’s weight against your strength to boost your conditioning and stamina. We suggest at least 10-12 wide-grip pull-ups, inverted push-ups, handstands, and leg hangs. These exercises focus on your strength and boost your muscle tone.

When performing these exercises, it is essential to do them at a comfortable level. For example, you may feel exhausted performing 10-12 wide-grip pull-ups. If you can’t reach that level just yet, don’t force it. Start smaller and then increase your amount as you get comfortable.

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5. Hypertrophy Routine

fit woman in fitness gear training outdoors in summer with trx sling attached to palm tree

Hypertrophy features a variety of strength and conditioning workouts that are great for building muscles and getting into shape quickly. For example, you can do two sets of 12 standing barbell shoulder presses, two sets of 12 rear delt rope pull exercises, two sets of 12 Bulgarian split squats, and one set of TRX curls with parallel bar tricep dips.

Each of these routines will work slightly different parts of your body and tone your muscles. It is probably best suited for those who want to tone their upper body. It typically uses many arm and chest routines to create strength and conditioning workouts that will make you buff and ready to compete at a higher level.

6. Sled Pull

If you can find a simple sled, you can pull the harness around your shoulders and do a sled pull. Fill the sled with a weight level that is a little bit outside of your comfort range. Pull this sled over three 100-yard lengths to activate muscles you didn’t even know you had on your body. You’ll particularly notice your lower back and shin muscles getting a workout.

Using these strength and condition workouts will help give you stronger legs and stronger core muscles. This benefit is enormous because it will make you quicker on bases or more capable of leaping for a rebound. And if you are currently improving your parkour skills, you’ll have even more stamina and strength than you already possessed before you started working out.

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7. Timed Shuttle Run

Those who are looking to build up extra stamina can try these strength and conditioning workouts. During each run, you go back and forth over a 10-yard range. You must jog for three minutes straight before doing five minutes of an all-out run. You alternate these periods over a 60 to 120 minute period. Start at an hour and work up to a higher range to boost your stamina.

While this exercise won’t work many muscles on your body (hence its low ranking here), it is still a great way to increase your conditioning. It is particularly beneficial for your legs because it will keep them active, work the muscles, and boost your speed.

Final Word

As you can see, mastering these strength and conditioning workouts is a great way to get into shape and stay that way. They may be a little challenging for you at first, even if you are in good shape already. However, using these strength and conditioning workouts will make you stronger, faster, and capable of conquering your urban surroundings with ease.

In conclusion, don’t hesitate to try out these strength and conditioning workouts. Make sure to talk to your doctor about any significant changes in your diet or strength and conditioning workouts. And feel free to comment on our suggestions or share them with a friend. We always love hearing from our satisfied readers.

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