a pair of black Take Flight parkour shoes

Take Flight Parkour Shoes Review – Ultra Parkour & Freerunning Shoe

Take Flight’s slogan is that they are the official clothing for Parkour. They have a number of different wearable items, but the Parkour shoe is the product they are most well known for. Here are the top features of the Take Flight shoes, focusing on the Ultra, which is their most popular Parkour shoe model.

Parkour is a tough training regime, where runners navigate difficult military-grade obstacle courses. You’re going to need footwear that supports you, plus provides traction for navigating your way through constantly changing challenges. Take Flight Parkour shoes are intended specifically for Parkour runners in mind, each made to handle the rigors of a changing environment.

*You can purchase the Take Flight Parkour Shoes, Ultra Freerunning model on Amazon, for $77.

a pair of black Take Flight parkour shoes

Top Features of Take Flight Parkour Shoes

Parkour runners invariably train in tough environments, where terrain changes can happen with every step. You need to wear a shoe that can handle these constantly changing and very challenging conditions. Take Flight spent over two years perfecting the 1.0 version and then matched that dedication with the new Ultra.

All Take Flight Parkour shoes are made for the serious Parkour runner, and these two designs are essentially the same shoe. The Take Flight plan was to take into account preferences for style, material, but especially performance. Here are the top features of the Take Flight Parkour Shoes that make them such a popular choice.

#1. Control

Parkour requires impeccable control over your landing, jumping and running. The Take Flight Parkour shoes give you a sense of control as you navigate difficult, changing the terrain. The tread design gives you firm grip so you can jump, turn and run with confidence.

#2. Ultimate Traction

Take Flight Parkour shoes have rubber outsoles made to enhance traction. This is a critical feature since you never know what types of conditions you’ll encounter when running Parkour. The soles grab tightly on a number of different surfaces like railings, concrete, wood surfaces, and grass.

#3. Durable

The Take Flight Ultra and 1.0 are the two most popular Parkour models. Since the Ultra was developed to correct a few of the disadvantages that users reported from the 1.0, it is ultimately the highest rated Parkour shoe. It is great for free running and for traceurs, which is an intensely challenging level of Parkour. They are solid and durable.

#4. Expert Contributor

Take Flight used the expert knowledge of famed Parkour traceur David Belle. Before actual production, Take Flight even contemplated naming the shoe after the primary contribution. Take Flight Parkour shoes all adhere to rigid quality controls and benefit from using the ideas of the people who put Parkour shoes to the ultimate test.

#5. Dual Insoles

Take Flight Parkour shoes deliver on their reputation. One important feature is the dual insole design. This allows you control over the amount of cushioning during certain runs. You can feel assured the cushioning will be at the right level without sacrificing contact with the surface you’re navigating.

several pairs of Take Flight Parkour shoes

Pros of Take Flight Parkour Shoes

1: Extremely Light

Take Flight Parkour shoes are the lightest on the market. While they are lightweight so they don’t wear you out, they are still durable. Take Flight uses a tightly wound, reinforced stitching to create a tough shoe, but a shoe that is still the lightest Parkour shoe available.

2: Heel and Arch Support

Parkour can involve a lot of jumping and landing. Sometimes you can land softly, but other situations can pose a problem if you do not have a good heel and arch support. Take Flight shoes have excellent built in support, including a stable heel design. This means you can take off and land with confidence on any surface, hard or soft.

3: Double Insole

This is a rare feature of any athletic shoe, but ultimately an important feature for Parkour. Being able to adjust the cushioning for different skills or courses is a great advantage.

That means if you are navigating a course with many rigid obstacles you can better protect yourself with more cushion. For flatter courses, you can remove both insoles for better control.

two guys in the park doing Parkour

Cons of Take Flight Parkour Shoes

1: European Size Chart

Take Flight Parkour shoes use the European size chart. This can make it difficult for those living outside Europe to get an accurate size.

When ordering online, definitely keep all receipts of the transaction in case the shoe does not fit perfectly. Most buyers suggest adding one-half size to your normal shoe size.

2: Price

Take Flight Parkour shoes are a little pricier than other brands. However, some ardent Parkour enthusiasts still insist you get what you pay for in a shoe that will handle such a rigorous level of training. While they do cost somewhat more, the price is viewed as a moderate disadvantage.

3: Wet Conditions

Many avid Parkour trainers say that the Take Flight does not hold up well in wet conditions. Some caution that if suddenly presented with a lot of dampness, the Take Flight Parkour shoes will not offer the same confidence in traction as they do on dry surfaces.

The Bottom Line on Take Flight Parkour Shoes

Traction and comfort are the most important things to a Parkour runner. Since Take Flight employed the expertise of a renowned Parkour runner, their shoes have already been put to the test by the best. Take Flight Parkour shoes will cost a little more than others, but people who use these shoes indicate they are well worth the cost.

Since they have a double, removable insole, the Take Flight’s offer you cushion flexibility. This is a lightweight shoe with tremendous durability. You can’t forget this is a shoe from what most Parkour enthusiasts view as the official supplier of Parkour apparel. They use industry experts to provide you with the best equipment for your safety and comfort.

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