parkour practitioner daniel ilabaca running on roof above urban heavy traffic street

Top 10 Parkour Moves for Beginners that Defy Gravity


The first time I saw someone doing parkour, I thought it was one of the coolest things I had ever seen. There is something awe-inspiring about the way advanced parkour athletes can move their bodies through the air. That level of skill might seem like an unattainable goal.

However, even advanced parkour athletes had to start somewhere. For a beginner parkour trainee, it’s important to build confidence and athleticism with basic exercises. Below are 10 beginner-friendly parkour moves that defy gravity.

parkour practitioner daniel ilabaca running on roof above urban heavy traffic street

1. Basic Jump

While not one of the most exciting parkour moves, the standard jump is an essential stepping stone for more advanced skills. To practice your jump, start with a sturdy object that you can jump onto with relative ease.

Practice jumping, sticking the landing, and stepping down one foot at a time. You can practice this every day, increasing the total amount of jumps you complete in one training session.

Over time, practice jumping and landing on taller objects. Stairs can work well for this as they allow you to progress one stair at a time.

2. Precision Jump

A precision jump is used to jump onto or between a narrow surface. For instance, you might need to clear a space between two handrails. Instead of vaulting them, you might simply jump onto the top of the handrail and then back down.

A great way to safely practice precision jumping is to find a sidewalk and jump from one crack onto the other. Try to land only on the balls of your feet. Try to be as accurate as possible.

3. High Jump

Parkour often requires being able to handle some pretty impressive heights. Mastering this skill is essential for being able to land safely and efficiently, without pain. It is best to practice your landing form for the high jump from a small distance to minimize your risk of injury.

Start by jumping down from a tall object. Land on the balls of your feet and use your natural momentum to roll from your shoulder to the opposite hip and stand back up. This is the safest way to jump from a great height and attenuate the shock of your impact with the ground.

4. Vault

Vaulting is an essential parkour skill. It actually looks a lot harder than it is. It is also an extremely satisfying move to master.

To properly perform a vault, begin by running towards the object you are going to vault over. Jump to one side of the object and use your hands to propel and guide you over it. You can start with a side vault and progress to vaulting directly over an object.

5. Reverse Vault

boy parkour practitioner in a parkour vault over stone wall ruin

The reverse vault is a great next step from the basic vault. For this vault, run towards the object you are vaulting over like you are going to perform a normal vault. When you get close enough, turn your body to one side, jump, and place one palm firmly on the surface of the object, turning your body to the side.

While still facing sideways, bring both feet over the object. You can touch one foot to the top of the object if necessary.

6. Underbar

The underbar is one of the coolest-looking parkour moves. The good news is that it is surprisingly easy to get the hang of. Performing an underbar involves using a bar or beam to swing and propel yourself through an opening.

To be able to perform an underbar, you should be able to perform at least a few pull-ups quickly. A great way to practice the underbar is to attach a strip of duct tape a few feet under the bar and try to swing over it. To make it more challenging, try moving the duct tape strip progressively higher on the bar.

7. Cat Leap

One of the classic parkour moves, this is another great upper-body challenger. To perform a cat leap, sprint up to a wall to any tall object with a ledge. Jump and grab onto the ledge with both hands and let your feet come into contact with the wall.

From here, you can climb up onto the ledge (if it is wide enough) or hop back down and repeat. To progress with this movement, try starting a short distance away from the wall. Gradually increase the distance you jump from every time you practice.

8. Tic-Tac

parkour practitioner jumping from a wall with a roman statue

A tic-tac is a wall climb and a jump rolled into one. While this move is normally combined with other movements, it is important to practice it alone first. That way, it will be a piece of cake to add more intricate moves to it with fewer chances of injury.

To start, run towards a wall or other tall, flat surface, jump, and place one foot on the surface. Push off with that foot at an upward angle to get more air.

9. Kip Up

The kip up is one of the most impressive parkour moves, and it’s a ton of fun to practice. To perform a kip up, begin seated on the ground, preferably on a padded or soft surface. Roll backward with your legs tucked in slightly towards your chest.

Roll until your legs are pointing straight up in the air. From here, push with your arms straight down until your feet hit the ground again. Use this upward momentum to bring yourself back up to a standing position.

10. Wall Spin

This is a highly impressive movement that you should practice after you have nailed down a few of the more basic parkour moves. You can think of a wall spin like a tic-tac. The difference is that you use your hands to push off the wall instead of your feet.

To perform a wall spin, run towards a wall at a 45-degree angle. Jump with both feet towards the wall and place one hand above your head and the other about mid-torso level. Use your hands to push your body out at an angle and spin your torso in until your feet meet the ground. This move is easier to practice on a slanted surface, like a handrail.

Final Word

Parkour is a thrilling hobby for those daredevils who don’t like to limit themselves to a normal position all day long. Through these 10 basic parkour moves, you can travel your city in an out of the ordinary way. You’re welcome to leave a comment below and tell us when do you plan to start learning some impressive parkour tricks.

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