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How to Use the Total Gym to Get Better at Parkour

If you're interested in strengthening your parkour skills, you may be surprised to know you can do it using a total gym. There are various ways a total gym can be used to improve parkour, many of which you're likely unaware. Parkour has been on the rise in popularity due to wild videos shared across the internet and renewed awareness of the amazing things that can be done using the human body to navigate through obstacles.

Even if you're just a beginner and have never attempted parkour, a good starting point can be right in your own home using your total gym. There are over 75 different exercises you can do with that single piece of equipment, many of which will increase your strength, endurance, and balance.

Parkour is all about testing yourself and your body. By completing simple exercises daily and slowly moving on to new, more advanced exercises, techniques, and movements, you'll be able to jump, swing and move through obstacles like a pro in no time. But remember, you have to start somewhere. Always practice parkour safely, with a buddy if you can, and make sure you're always stretching before you partake in any form of exercise.

Here, we'll be talking about all the ways you can use your total gym to enhance your parkour skills and be able to impress and have a great time.

total gym

An Introduction to Parkour

If you don't already know, parkour is a style of training in which a person harnesses the power of both their body and mind to overcome obstacles with efficiency, speed, and power. Practicing parkour involves various challenges that are unique, meaning you have to use strategy to move your way quickly through obstacles. Those who practice parkour have unique athletic skills that include, but aren't limited to: climbing, swinging, running, vaulting, hopping, balancing and the ability to pass both under and over obstacles with speed and precision.

Contrary to what you may see online, flipping, spinning and twisting for show aren't necessarily considered parkour, as those kinds of movements aren't necessary to move through obstacles. Flips and such are more for show and can be used in parkour but aren't technically part of the practice.

Besides seamlessly moving between obstacles, parkour also has the advantage of allowing those who practice it to see everything in a highly unique manner. Practicing parkour can also teach you to overcome fears and strategize creative solutions to overcoming obstacles. It's also a fantastic form of exercise and great for fitness buffs looking to set new and exciting goals for themselves.

Parkour is not only a wonderful workout, but it's also a fun one! Experimenting with new movements and challenges will enhance your fitness and abilities. Parkour will naturally improve your movements in day-to-day life, and you'll be able to react quickly to new, physical challenges. It can be intimidating to watch videos of the real pros at first, but know you have to start somewhere to get better. Dedication is the number one thing you will need if you want to get better at parkour as a beginner. Stick with a workout routine, encourage yourself and take care of your body.

Parkour will allow you to see the world differently. Obstacles will no longer appear as daunting as they once were and you'll be surprised at how much easier you'll be able to face your fears through the practice of parkour. It's a practice where exercise and fitness buffs meet their inner-nerd and can have a great time!

total gym

Tips for Training

There are lots of ways a person can train to be better at parkour, even if you are just a beginner. To prepare your body, you must implement certain types of exercises into your routine, and many of them can be done using a total gym. Exercises like pull-ups, sit-ups and dips can be completed on your total gym. Any body weight exercises will improve your fitness level, enabling you to be better at parkour.

One of the best ways to become better at parkour is to get out there and try moves. You can start small at first, but any movements you do that involves moving between obstacles will enhance your strength, stamina and the overall awareness you have of your own body. The idea is not to challenge the body alone, but also the mind.

You should always make sure you've thoroughly stretched before attempting parkour. Other exercises such as jogging, running, biking, jumping rope and doing athletic drills will train your body so you can excel at parkour. Incorporate quick, athletic changes in your routine and ample cardio. It's also recommended that you change up your exercises frequently so you can get more creative in dynamic movements and discover new limits you can push your body through. Naturally, training will be the best way to test your skill set and improve.

How to Use the Total Gym to Get Better at Parkour

Now, the information you're here for! How can you use the total gym to get better at parkour? Well, there are multiple ways. Since the total gym is so versatile, there are many exercises you can do that will improve your abilities regarding parkour.

total gym

Bodyweight Exercises

With the total gym, there are numerous bodyweight exercises you can do. Pull-ups are a great way to strengthen your upper body. Upper body strength is crucial in a lot of parkour movements. If you're not able to do a full pull-up at first, don't worry. Do half pull-ups, and soon, your body will become stronger and you'll be able to do full pull-ups. Using your total gym, you can also do tricep dips, push-ups, and crunches.

Strength Exercises

Leg lifts, weight lifting, resisted crunches, side planks, sit-ups with the cables, chest presses, squats, and rowing are all fantastic exercises you can do using your total gym that will strengthen parts of your body essential to becoming proficient at parkour. Again, start with what you're able to do at first and then slowly increase the number of reps you're doing. With enhanced strength, your parkour skills will flourish.

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Other Exercises on the Total Gym That Will Improve Your Parkour

There are over 75 unique exercises that can be done using a total gym. Most of those exercises will help your body become stronger, enabling you to become advanced in the practice of parkour. Exercises like calf raises, lunges, jumping squats and pullovers will not only make you stronger and increase your stamina, they will also enable you to be better attuned with your body. As you add more exercises to your total gym workout routine, your balance, stamina, body awareness and strength will all improve.

The total gym is one of the best pieces of exercise equipment out there due to its versatility. Every exercise you do on the total gym will improve your overall fitness and get you ready to get out there and show off your parkour skills. It's important always to be safe, stretch before exercising or attempting parkour and start with less strenuous exercises before moving on to more advanced ones. Make sure that as you advance, you're using dynamic exercise movements that include jumping and swinging. Be sure to experiment and mix up the exercises you're doing on your total gym. You'll be a master of parkour in no time!


Getting better at parkour is a matter of dedication. You need to do exercises daily, experiment with new exercises and movements and do all those exercises we mentioned using the total gym. It's also important to experiment with new ways of stretching your body and always stretch before attempting any parkour movement.

Parkour is an amazing form of exercise that improves both the body and the mind. Through practice, you'll be able to challenge yourself more and test the limits of your body. Implement cardio, strength training, balance training, aerobic exercises and all the exercises you're able to do on your total gym. By training your body, your movements will come more natural when you're practicing parkour, enabling you to glide through multiple, more advanced obstacles and leave your friends in awe of your skills.

Becoming good at parkour will take time. Always be sure you're practicing safely. Through parkour, you'll be jumping from point A to point B in no time. Always keep advancing the movement you're doing. Add in moves like swinging, jumping, balancing and even wall running. As long as you stay dedicated, keep doing as many exercises as you can on your total gym, learn your body's strengths and weaknesses, and keep testing your limits—you're on your way to becoming a master of parkour.

While it is easy to regard parkour training as a purely physical endeavor, it is much more than that. Though honing your parkour skills will make you stronger physically, the dedication it takes to excel at it and the symbolism present in an activity that is all about turning obstacles into tools will strengthen you mentally and emotionally.

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