man walking on hands on the beach at sunset with a jogger behind

How to Walk on Your Hands – Five Steps to a Thrilling Experience


Learning how to walk on your hands can be a complicated challenge for anyone. That’s because it requires a lot of skill and balance to master this art. It also implies a willingness to throw yourself towards the ground and hoping that you can hold yourself up. It’s no surprise that so many people are afraid of even trying out this new skill.

That’s why we are here to help! Our tips are designed to help you understand how to get on your hands and your legs up in the air. With our help, you will learn how to walk on your hands in no time. Then, you can show off this fun party trick to friends and family members. Everyone will be amazed at your skills!

man walking on hands on the beach at sunset with a jogger behind

Five Steps to Help Teach You How to Walk on Your Hands

1. Understand the Basic Principles

Learning how to walk on your hands requires understanding the three basic principles involved in this process. These include the position of your hands and shoulders, head, and legs. Understanding each of these is essential for becoming a master of walking on your hands.

Hands and Shoulders

The positioning of your hands and shoulders is important to master. You need the space between your hands to be slightly wider than with a normal push up and your fingers spread apart. The shoulders must be pushed upward to help increase your balance and boost your overall strength.

Head Position

The position of your head is an awkward part of learning how to walk on your hands. First of all, you need to keep it straight to avoid neck strain. However, you also need to look forward so that you can see where you are going. Some prefer walking backward while on their hands to keep their head straight, but this can be a challenge. Try turning your neck in a few directions to get an angle that works for you.


When walking on your hands, your legs must be kept straight when you are not moving. However, you can also bend your legs forward and backward to give yourself a little momentum. Learning how to walk on your hands like this requires total concentration of the body.

2. Build Your Strength

woman, man in sports wear at a gym practicing squats on blocks

Even if you are into lifting weights and staying physically active, you probably don’t have the strength to stand on your hands. Don’t be ashamed of this fact. Most people don’t have that kind of strength without focusing on it purposefully in the first place. Building your core muscles is crucial here. They keep you focused, balanced, and in the air.

Therefore, take the time to do some bicep lifts. You also need to do plenty of core muscle exercises, like squats. By increasing your strength before you attempt to learn how to walk on your hands, you can give yourself the confidence that you need to try this activity. Once you have built up your strength, you can follow the rest of the steps in this article.

3. Practice on a Wall

When mastering how to walk on your hands, it is important to practice handstands against a wall. You should start by having somebody lifting your legs into the air while you get into the position mentioned in the first section. Have your partner stand near you to catch you if you are about to fall. Practicing this pose for a while is essential for mastering this action.

Once you can stand on your hands quickly, you need to start practicing kicking your feet up in the air. You should do this near the wall to keep your balance. After you become able to jump up into the air without using the wall, you are pretty close to being ready to master how to walk on your hands. However, you still need to take baby steps towards full mastery.

4. Exercise on a Mat

Now that you can get up on your hands, you need to place a safety mat on the ground and practice getting up in the air. At first, you’re just going to be mastering your balance. While you should have the strength to walk on your hands by now, your balance is going to be thrown off. You will instinctively try to walk as you do on your feet.

However, you can’t quite get into it like that. You have to take every step carefully. You’ll feel the compulsion to check and double-check your balance. It’s a lot like learning how to walk for the second time around. When you were a child, you fell a lot because it was hard to get balanced. With practice, you started to walk without thinking about it. The same goes for learning how to walk on your hands. You’re going to fall on the mat a lot. Nonetheless, it’s just a matter of time before you eventually get the balance you need to master it.

5. Approach It with Confidence

relaxed man standing on hands at the beach

After you master your balance, you should be able to get up in the air with little difficulty. Now you can start walking with confidence and skill. Gradually improve your skills by walking for lengthier periods every time you try it out. After a while, you’ll be able to walk over 100 feet without having to come down to the ground.

Try out more difficult steps, such as walking up or down a few steps. Make sure that the stairs aren’t too tall to avoid injuring yourself. And before you attempt to walk for a lengthy period, make sure to loosen your shoulder and elbow joints by rotating them for about 20 seconds in each direction. This action will keep your bones healthy and help you avoid falling too hard to the ground.

The Bottom Line

As you can see, learning how to walk on your hands is possible as long as you’re willing to take a little risk. Mastering how to walk on your hands will not only make you look cool for your friends but also increase your upper body strength. It will also improve your balance and make you a more confident and healthier person.

Are you interested in learning more about this topic or do you have any tips on how to walk on your hands that we missed? Then don’t hesitate to drop a line! You should also share this article with anyone you know who would love to get up on their hands and walk around.

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