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Hello, and welcome to Ultimate Parkour Gear, the site that strives to educate you on how to make the most of Parkour.

Parkour is a unique training discipline and sport that consists of moving rapidly through areas in an urban environment. Parkour enthusiasts negotiate obstacles by jumping, running, and climbing. This unique sport was developed from actual military obstacle course training. The key to parkour is navigating chosen environments without equipment to assist, using the sheer power of human ingenuity and physical prowess. 

When you’re navigating the toughest terrain man has ever made, you have to have the right kind of equipment. You never want to be scaling a building and have a pair of cheap shoes that cause you to crash to what could well be your death below. 

Parkour enthusiasts are dedicated to the art of parkour. Whether you’re a beginner to the discipline or have been doing parkour for years, you need the best equipment money can buy, and regardless of your experience in this discipline, there’s something for you here at Ultimate Parkour Gear. 

When it comes to shoes, few manufacturers design shoes specifically for parkour. The same goes for clothing and other gear. Finding the best options to practice your passion is essential. Remember, in parkour, your shoes, clothing, and limited accessories are all the tools and equipment you have to help you survive. Choose them wisely. 

Here at Ultimate Parkour Gear, our goal is to provide you with solid reviews of products you need to safely and effectively practice parkour. Whether it’s shoes, clothing, backpacks, cable systems, or compression pants, there are tons of options on the web and we help you weed through those options to find the best of the best. 

We love to hear from our readers, so if you have some positive feedback or suggestions on products to review, please let us know by dropping us a line in the comments of any article or via an email to our team of dedicated enthusiasts. 

Meet the Team

Quentin Stanton bio picture

Quentin Stanton

Chief Editor

I got into parkour because I needed an activity that was fun enough to motivate me to get up and do it. As a writer and editor, I spend the majority of every day sitting in front of a computer. Being involved in parkour gave me something to look forward to every day. 

After getting a degree in journalism at Florida State, I went to work for a large magazine that you’ve probably heard of. My years there prepared me to think on my feet when writing for a fast-moving website like Ultimate Parkour Gear. Contact me at [email protected]

Katy Stafford bio picture

Katy Stafford

Junior Editor

I came on board here as a writer and editor, but I had no previous experience with the discipline of parkour. After being here for one day, I was fascinated with the sport and dying to try it for myself. 

I wasn’t in great shape, so I had to hit the gym a bit to build up some endurance. After that, the experts and even beginners here got me going with parkour. It’s really great to work hard all day and then hit the streets with my coworkers to scale a building or two. Just kidding, I’m not quite there yet, but someday I will be!

Contact me at [email protected]

Erik Synder bio picture

Erik Snyder

Parkour Enthusiast

I got into parkour as a young teen when my older brother came home from boot camp. He said that when he was in boot camp, he learned about this hot “new” workout and discipline called parkour. My brother got only mildly into parkour, but I was fascinated.

As I began to study and practice parkour more, I quickly passed my brother in endurance and skill. He’s an executive working behind a desk all day now, and I’m the parkour enthusiasts. I love to tease him about “what might have been” had he just stuck with it. Contact me at [email protected]