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Top 5 Best Parkour Videos to Help You Develop Better Routines

The popularity of Parkour obstacle course running has grown enormously over the years. Thanks in large part to YouTube, Parkour videos attract millions of views within only a few hours. Anyone interested in learning Parkour can easily find thousands of “how to” Parkour videos on a wide variety of websites. Since there are so many tutorial videos online, it can sometimes be frustrating for a novice to find the best Parkour training videos online.

a man doing parkour in the street

In this article, we will point you in the direction of some of the most comprehensive, popular, and highly-reviewed Parkour videos on YouTube. If you watch all of these Parkour videos, you’ll learn the most important Parkour fundamentals and be able to practice Parkour moves right away. After a few months of diligent practice, you could be filming your own Parkour videos for the world to marvel at.

5 Best Parkour Videos to Watch for Beginners

1. Tapp Brothers

a tap brothers parkour video cover

The Tapp Brothers are perhaps the most popular Parkour instructors on the Internet. Both of these brothers are professional stunt doubles, and their mission on this channel is to provide Parkour enthusiasts of all levels with professional quality courses. Every single course taught by the Tapp Brothers stress proper technique, safety, and discipline.

When you visit the Tapp Brothers’ channel, you’ll find playlists for general fitness as well as “how to” videos specifically for Parkour. The most popular video for Parkour beginners to watch is without a doubt the “Ultimate Beginners Guide to Parkour – How to Get Started in Parkour Training.” This 14-minute video already has over 2 million views, and it continues to inspire Parkour novices all around the globe. In this video, you’ll discover the most common Parkour injuries and how to address them, as well as proper Parkour techniques, what shoes are best to train in, and the best places to practice Parkour.

If you’re a complete beginner, you can’t go wrong watching this classic Tapp Brothers Parkour video. After you’re done implementing the strategies in this first video, why not check out some other useful videos on Tapp Brothers’ channel? There are currently 64 videos on Tapp Brothers’ Parkour playlist, and there are plenty of other useful videos on general fitness and warm-up strategies. So, go ahead and give Tapp Brothers’ videos a view if you’re new to the world of Parkour.

2. Ronnie Street Stunts

a man doing a parkour flip

You may have already seen a few Parkour videos put out by Ronnie Street Stunts before. Ronnie enjoys dressing up as superheroes and producing some amazingly entertaining Parkour videos from time to time. However, shooting Parkour videos isn’t the only thing you’ll find on Ronnie Street Stunts’ YouTube page. There is actually a playlist on this channel called “Learn Parkour” which, as the name suggests, teaches you all the basics of Parkour.

This tutorial program starts off with answering the question “Can Anyone Do It [Parkour]?” and finishes with teaching you sick moves like the dive roll, the cat hang to cat leap, and the under bar. There are 17 videos in total in this tutorial session. Once you’re done learning these skills, you can check out other playlists that’ll teach you more advanced stunts and strategies for free running. There’s a ton of information to digest on this channel, so be sure to have a pad and paper while listening to Ronnie’s Parkour tips.

3. Pigmie

a parkour routine image collage

Another popular Parkour channel on YouTube is called Pigmie. The best video for absolute beginners on this channel is called “Learn Parkour In only 5 Minutes | Beginners Basics ASAP.” This short video is dedicated to proper running technique and Parkour rolls. A few other convenient 5 minute videos include tutorials on getting a better flip, a Parkour workout strategy, and a 5-minute abs workout. There are tons of videos on Pigmie’s channel that beginners and intermediate students of Parkour could really benefit from.

4. TheCasualFan

a young man doing parkour

The fourth YouTube channel on our list is called TheCasualFan. Although TheCasualFan isn’t really a dedicated “Parkour” channel, he has made a very informative video entitled “5 Easy Parkour Moves You Should Learn.” TheCasualFan isn’t as big a channel as the others mentioned on this list, but the content of this video is extremely good for Parkour beginners. The five moves detailed in the video include the wall run, the roll, the precision, the lazy, and the vault. You’ll also learn some practical tips for starting Parkour in this useful video.

5. 95 Blog

a couple of guys doing parkour

95 Blog has many useful videos devoted to Parkour on YouTube. The main video for Parkour beginners on 95 Blog is called “5 Steps To Start Parkour & Free Running.” This channel goes over some of the key tips to getting started on your Parkour journey in this video. A few of the steps in this video include finding the right pair of shoes for you, the best clothing to wear, great places to practice Parkour in, and beneficial warm-up strategies. Some other great videos on 95 Blog’s channel for learning Parkour include tutorials for the Parkour roll and a video on the seven most basic Parkour jumps.

As mentioned above, any of the videos specifically mentioned in this series will help you get started on your own Parkour adventure. If you are already an intermediate or advanced Parkour runner, there’s plenty of information here that can greatly help you enhance your Parkour skills. Take a deep look into each of these YouTube channels and try to incorporate some of the strategies in these videos into your own life.

Of course, it would be best if you had a personal trainer to help you work on your technique on a regular basis. This doesn’t necessarily have to be a Parkour trainer, but it could be a martial arts instructor or even a dance teacher. Any sports where you are learning balance, flexibility, and agility are good for Parkour. If you don’t have access to either a Parkour group or instructor, then take a look at all of these videos and write down all the information presented in them. Once you feel confident enough with this knowledge, start to practice your new Parkour moves in a safe environment.

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The Best Parkour Gyms in the United States

A Parkour gym focuses on the physical discipline centered on proficiently balanced movement. Participants navigate their way across natural obstacles, learning to progress through the series of obstructions as efficiently as possible. Developed in France, the Parkour gym model has the purpose of teaching the fundamentals of moving across changing environments.

inside of a parkour gym

It incorporates the skills of vaulting, rolling, running, jumping and climbing to reach a final goal. The Parkour gym ideology is to take exercise beyond the redundant and boring everyday workouts. Obstacle courses are one of the primary training tools used to teach the Parkour theory. Because of the exciting and changing concepts of the idea, Parkour gyms have sprung up around the US. Here are 5 of the best Parkour gym clubs in the United States.

Top 5 Best Parkour Gym Clubs to Consider

a man during a parkour workout

#1. Steel City Parkour

In the heart of the storied Steel City, Pittsburgh, PA is one Parkour gym worth a visit. They have a modern facility that focuses on training techniques specially designed for acrobatics and obstacle courses. The Steel City Parkour mission is to provide a sound environment where people learn the intense skills necessary to develop their fitness using the Parkour model.

Steel City schedules a number of free classes and has age divisions for adolescents and adults. Members and guests can train both for both Parkour disciplines, free running, plus lift weights. There is a Ninja Warrior-style obstacle course with challenging segments for both beginner and the season Parkour enthusiast.

Obstacles include bars, foam pits, warped walls and a trampoline to test the skill of all fitness levels. In April, Steel City Parkour gym will host an April Fools gym jam with instructional programs for children to adults. The gym is also a great place to host a birthday party or fitness-focused get-together. Members can register for a convenient schedule of weekly classes, from the little Ninja program for young kids all the way up to the adult Parkour courses.

#2. Parkour Horizons Columbus, Ohio

three young boys during their parkour workout

Navigating across Pennsylvania to the capital city of Ohio, Parkour enthusiasts can enjoy one of the first Parkour gyms in the United States. Parkour Horizons in Columbus has over ten years of experience teaching the skills of Parkour training. In 2008, they held the first international Parkour Seminar. Parkour Horizons is a club of firsts, as they also were the host gym for the country’s first official certification course for Parkour coaches.

In 2015, Parkour Horizons became the first registered full service Parkour gym in Ohio. They offer a full slate of classes, plus engaging workshops. Members and guests can attend special functions like birthday parties, or graduation celebrations, plus kids can enjoy summer camp activities.

Parkour Horizons also has the ‘workout of the day,’ which is designed to accommodate everyone from the couch potato to the skilled athlete. Their mission is to provide ages 3 to adult with a safe training environment using some of the most experienced Parkour gym coaches available in the world.

#3. The Brooklyn Zoo

New York City’s newest Parkour training center is the Brooklyn Zoo. Like other Parkour gyms, it looks to revolutionize the art of fitness training by incorporating primal movements with intense obstacle type challenges. The Brooklyn Zoo is a 10,000 square foot gym, split between two floors. They also boast one of the most highly credentialed coaching staffs in the world.

Team members dedicate their time to helping members improve their health and fitness by learning to overcome seemingly insurmountable obstacles. The program not only contributes to improving physical fitness but also promotes mental growth and improved self-esteem. Coaches help members master the artful techniques of Parkour, plus guide advanced athletes through a structured Ninja Warrior program.

Brooklyn Zoo instructors are available for private instruction to various group sizes for those who want to take their Parkour skills to a competitive level. There is also a unique feature where local schools can schedule a field trip to the Parkour gym. Instructors will be available to help the kids learn a little diversity in their daily fitness, but most of all have a great outing.

#4. American Parkour Academies

a man training outdoors

To visit the center of the Parkour gym ideology a visit to the Nation’s Capitol is in order. The American Parkour Academy is located in Washington, DC, but is the center of Parkour coaching certifications for the world. Through this central location, Parkour coaches around the world have a base of operations that hosts dozens of other Parkour affiliate gyms across the nation.

The DC location has an extensive staff of expert Parkour trainers using state-of-the-art equipment to build better minds and bodies. They have one unique instructor who teaches all ages to perfect a standing back flip. American Parkour has a variety of class structures for kids to adults; with high-intensity training environments, specialized for competitive athletes.

Career fitness instructors, especially those looking to incorporate the Parkour training model into their resume, will find no higher rated certification classes in the world. American Parkour Academy keeps a full staff of some of the most knowledgeable and dedicated Parkour masters in the country.

#5. Apex Movement

The fifth in the list of best Parkour gyms across the United States actually has multiple locations spread all the way from Connecticut to Colorado. At the Denver location of the Apex Movement is one of the neatest Parkour gyms in the country. Apex builds on the Parkour ideology by stressing the theory that so many people grow up with a negative connotation attached to exercise and fitness. The idea is to make being healthy and fit fun.

The Apex Movement theory is to accomplish this by both challenging the body as well as the mind. Apex likes to make the analogy that they bring back the childhood thrill of climbing a tree into a way to improve fitness. They offer a weekly schedule of group classes specifically designed to take the element of boredom out of the exercising routine.

Bottom Line

These are just five of the growing number of Parkour gym locations across the United States. As the idea spreads, there will certainly more of these unique training opportunities. When an exercise enthusiast begins to feel labored by the same old boring routine, it may be a perfect time to try the best Parkour workout.

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The Best Free Online Parkour Game – Top Choices to Have Fun With

Parkour is an amazing sport that requires peak physical conditioning, catlike reflexes, and nerves of steel. Unfortunately, many of us do not live in areas where we can safely participate in this sport. Fortunately, there are many parkour games available today that allow you to experience the thrill from the comfort of your home. This article is going to explore eight of the most popular parkour games available organized by popularity.

the abstract image of a man jumping in the air

8 of the Best Parkour Games to Try Today

1. Run 3

Run 3 is our top pick parkour game pick. It features a cute alien that has to navigate increasingly difficult tunnels in space. You will have to use the walls to your advantage to navigate the more difficult levels and avoid falling into the vacuum of space.

As you progress, you can unlock different avatars with unique abilities. For instance, at level two you unlock the skater variety. As far as controls go, you easily navigate the world using your “A” and “D” keys. To jump, you use the space key. The energizing soundtrack and simple controls make this our top pick.

2. Fancy Pants 5

Fancy Pants 5 is another great parkour game pick. You take the role of a hero that has to navigate increasingly difficult terrain wearing nothing but his signature fancy pants. This version has many more bosses to fight and an improved soundtrack to keep you entertained for hours.

The controls are fairly simple. Your arrow keys control your left and right movement. Your “S” key makes your character jump. To destroy most enemies, execute a well-timed jump to land on them. Be warned; many enemies require multiple hits to destroy. If you are looking for a game that offers hours of entertainment, then Fancy Pants 5 is a great choice for you.

3. Vex 3

For those looking for an excellent parkour game, Vex 3 is a great choice. In this game, your character has to navigate through several different challenging scenarios to reach the end of the level. As the game progresses, the levels become more difficult and require more movement combinations to complete successfully.

The game features an impressive soundtrack and uses your “W,” “A,” “S,” and “D” keys for movement. Each key corresponds to the direction your character will travel. To climb higher walls, you can execute double jumps using the walls as leverage. This game will definitely challenge even the most experienced gamers.

4. G Switch

an image from a video game

G Switch is our number four parkour game pick. This game is a side-scroller and features a character with special magnetic boots that can latch onto surfaces with ease. Using these boots, you will have to rotate the world to avoid becoming stuck as the game progresses.

The best part about this game is its simple control style. You use your “X” key to activate your magnetic boots. This allows you to walk on the ceiling as opposed to the floor. However, don’t let the simple controls fool you. As the game progresses, you will have to time your switches perfectly to avoid falling through the world and restarting the level.

5. Gravity Guy

Gravity Guy is another great parkour game. It features a hero that is trying to escape his evil pursuer. The only thing the main character has to avoid capture is his special gravity power. Using this power, you can change the direction of gravity to walk along the ceilings to avoid capture. Be warned, any breaks in the floor or ceiling will send you tumbling to your demise.

The controls of this game are very simple. You use the spacebar to activate your gravity power which rotates your character to the ceiling. Activate it again, and your character resumes running on the floor. If you’re a fan of side scrolling style games, then you will enjoy Gravity Guy.

6. Run Ninja Run 3

Run Ninja Run 3 is our sixth parkour game pick. In this game, our hero’s wayward eye gets him in trouble with a rival group of ninjas. To avoid capture, you must use the terrain to your advantage while collecting powerups to increase your score and level. Keep your eye out for hidden bonus coins to further increase your score.

You use your arrow keys to control your character’s movement. You can also use the “S” key to initiate a ninja kick to break various obstacles. The game features a compelling story and an impressive soundtrack that will keep you entertained for hours.

7. Parkour

In Parkour, you take the role of a graffiti artist who is fleeing the cops. You must avoid capture by using the objects in the city to your advantage while collecting cans of spray paint. You further rack up points by spraying objects and creating new graffiti.

You use your arrow keys to cause your character to run, and your spacebar will cause your character to either jump or climb various objects. As the game progresses, the cops will increase in number making them harder to avoid. To win this game, you will have to stick to the rooftops whenever possible.

8. Running Ink

Running Ink is another great parkour game. In this game, you must avoid obstacles and traps to progress to the end of the map. To do this, you will have to execute special combination moves using your leverage to advance to greater heights.

The controls are fairly simple. You use your “W,” “A,” “S,” and “D” keys to control your character’s movement. You can initiate a double jump by pressing the “W” key twice. The complex obstacles and unique artwork of this game make it an excellent choice.

You do not have to leave your home to enjoy the fun that parkour has to offer. All of the parkour games covered in this article offer hours of entertainment and are fairly simple to play. Many of them even have soundtracks that will get your adrenaline pumping as you progress through the more difficult levels.

Go ahead and try out our choices and tell us which one was your favorite in the comments below. Also, feel free to share any recommendations you feel we may have missed as well.

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