one single black and blue Fila five finger shoe

Fila Skele-Toes: The Fila Five Finger Shoes Review

Five finger shoes have many advantages over traditional footwear. They provide enhanced comfort and are much more flexible allowing for a greater natural range of motion. One example of a five-finger shoe brand is Skele-Toes by Fila.

These five finger shoes are available in both men and women varieties. Our review is going to cover the main features of these shoes as well as the pros and cons. It will also offer a final verdict based on the information covered.
one single black and blue Fila five finger shoe

Top Features of Fila Five Finger Shoes

1: Four Toe Holes – Enhanced Comfort

The first thing you will notice about Fila five finger shoes is that they technically only have four toe holes. This design provides added comfort and makes putting them on easier. On the back of the shoes is a handy elastic strap. This helps you put them on and take them off easily and quickly.

2: Lightweight and Durable Materials

As far as construction materials go, they’re made of a combination of lightweight fabric and synthetic materials. The hardest portion of the shoes is the rubberized sole that’s made to withstand sharp rocks and other environmental hazards. In addition to its toughness, the shoes are very malleable and adapt readily to just about any foot curvature. The textured soles are also very slip-resistant.

3: Adjustable Velcro Strap

The top portion of these Fila five finger shoes features a convenient adjustable velcro strap. This further adds to the convenience of being able to slip these shoes on and off with ease. They do really well in wet environments and dry very quickly thanks to the drain holes in the bottom of the shoes.

Where Can You Buy Them from?

For men, there is a total of eight different designs to choose from ranging in price from $33.81-$70.00. For women, there is one style that costs $52.95. You can purchase the Fila Skele-Toes shoes on Amazon and you can even take advantage of their free return policy.

Fila five finger shoes do have many great features that are worth mentioning. However, they also have several major drawbacks that you should be aware of to make an informed buying decision. This section of our review is going to cover the most important advantages and disadvantages of Fila five finger shoes.
a pair of blue and black Fila Skele-toes five finger shoes

Fila Fiver Finger Shoes Advantages

  • One of the biggest pros of Fila five finger shoes is their affordable price. Compared to other options like Vibram five finger shoes, the total purchase price can be as much as 50 percent less.
  • Another great positive feature is the water draining design. These shoes are perfect for outdoor water activities and provide the right amount of protection for riverbeds and more.
  • The convenient slip on design is another huge selling point for this brand. They even have a velcro strap that further simplifies the process.
  • For men, there are eight different style choices to choose from. The designs are also fairly universal regarding color scheme matching as well.
  • Fila Five Finger Shoes Disadvantages

  • One big drawback is that these Fila five finger shoes tend to run on the small size. Even on the sales platforms, there are disclaimers warning that they run on the small side.
  • Another issue with Fila five finger shoes is that there are no alternate styles for women. The only style available is a black and fuchsia combination.
  • For both men and women, many of the sizing options are somewhat limited. For men, there are several that are not currently in stock. For women, there are only two sizing options available.
  • While the Velcro strap is convenient when it comes to taking these shoes on and off, it does not secure the shoe as well as traditional laces do. With this in mind, take your time picking the right size.
  • The Bottom Line of Fila Five Finger Shoes

    1: Convenient

    Fila five finger shoes are very convenient. They accomplish this using a variety of features like their four toe slot design and the elastic hand band strap on the rear. One important thing to remember is that these shoes are primarily intended for water use.

    2: Water Resistent

    This makes them perfect fits for the beach, exploring rivers, and other aquatic adventures. They are not suitable for running or other activities where you want your feet to remain dry. The drainage holes on the bottom of the shoes allow water to flow in as quickly as it flows out. With that in mind, they still do an excellent job.

    3: Provide Support and Traction

    The textured grip on the sole of the shoes provides just enough support and traction to help prevent slips and falls. It is strong enough to prevent injury from most types of sharp objects you may encounter in the wild like rock edges.

    4: Built to Last

    In terms of durability, Fila five finger shoes are built to last. You will notice that the edge of the shoes does not have any sticker logos or other decals. The only branding is etched into the material itself which helps prevent fraying when rubbed against rough surfaces.

    5: Lack of Size and Style Selections

    Unfortunately, there are a few major drawbacks. The most prominent is that these shoes run on the small side. This means you have to take extra care when picking the right size and those of you with wider feet may have additional difficulties.

    For women, lack of size and style selections is another huge negative factor. Outside of those issues, Fila five finger shoes are still a comfortable option that is worth trying.

    Bottom Line

    Fila five finger shoes have many distinct advantages that make them a worthwhile purchase. For starters, they are extremely comfortable and are very easy to take on and off. They are also made with materials that are very durable and are easy to care for.

    Always remember that these shoes are best suited for water use. With that fact in mind, they are an excellent product worth buying. Feel free to take a look at the available styles and pick the one that best fits your needs. If you have experience with these shoes, we would love to hear about it.
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