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Learning About the Various Parkour Flips

It's a fun day when you can go out and practice your parkour flips. It can be done anywhere, in the backyard or city. Parkour is unique in that. You don't need concrete or even a wall to have fun with parkour.

Many people choose to stay on the ground but are then missing out on the exhilarating practice. Learn these parkour flips and go out into the world. Show off your skills with this practice of power, determination, and energy.

The Various Parkour Flips

There are many things that you can do when practicing parkour. Just like skateboarding, the style of the flip is based on the turns and flips involved.

The various parkour flips are endless as you can keep adding new variables to the equation. Today we'll talk about some parkour flips that you can do as a beginner to start your career off right.

The Tuck flip, Pike flip, Layout, and Wallflip will have you looking like a ninja.

The Advent of Parkour

In Western Europe, a precursor to parkour was developed by the French, who had learned the craft from indigenous tribes of Africa.

Then Georges Hërbert made efforts to save the people who were in danger from the eruption of Mount Peièe. That then reinforced the belief in parkour. Herbert created a school where he taught the craft to students.

Eventually, this belief in athletic skill and courage became the standard teachings of the French military.

What led us to today

Groups were formed over the 20th century that practiced and perfected the art. They were often semi-closed groups, requiring an existing member to invite a new disciple to the group.

There were doctrines and beliefs in these groups made to further the independent practices of the members. Today parkour groups still exist and perform regularly.

The training is considered to be a significant discipline of the body and mind. It seems that this practice is not just a casual hobby to pick up; it is a discipline formed from the warriors and athletes of our past.

Parkour Flips

Parkour is not just flipping. You can learn to vault over obstacles, make precision jumps onto small or narrow objects, vertical jump onto walls, and learn to roll out of a long fall. Still, parkour flips are an excellent practice with which to begin.

You can learn these with little possibility of excessive damage to your body. A unique way to start is to practice over foam cubes or in a pool. You will then get a feel for what it is like and understand which muscles you are using.




Wall flip

On to the Parkour

With these four tricks, you can start your discipline into the world of parkour. Remember that this is a dangerous athletic experience and should not be done at extreme heights or dangers without a good bit of practice beforehand.

Parkour has seen a beautiful rise from its beginning in the French military. It has even found its way into cinema across the world.

There is a career with this practice and discipline to earn from doing it. Stay true to yourself and parkour on! Did we help you to understand parkour flips better? Let us know in the comments below!

Featured Photo by Liam Shaw on Unsplash

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