a Vibram running shoe on a solid surface

Vibram Running Shoes for Parkour Review – The KSO EVO Cross Training Model

Parkour enthusiasts train in urban environments where they must wear protection for their feet. Vibram has developed a five-finger cross training shoe that is perfect for Parkour enthusiasts. Here’s everything you need to know about the KSO EVO cross training model and why it’s great for Parkour in our KSO EVO review.

The idea for Parkour originated during World War II when a military officer marveled at the athletic prowess of indigenous Africans. Of course, these tribesmen spent their days barefoot. Over the last 15 years, Parkour has evolved into a training regime that mirrors that same concept and Vibram running shoes have mastered the perfect shoe design.

a Vibram running shoe on a solid surface

Top Features of the Vibram KSO EVO Cross Trainer

Since Parkour is a concept based on training in a natural environment, training in a shoe that enhances natural movement is a plus. The Vibram running shoes are designed with this in mind. Here are the top features of the KSO EVO Vibram running shoes that make them an excellent alternative for Parkour enthusiasts, or any runner for that matter.

#1. Feel the Ground

When training using the Parkour concept, it is often helpful to feel what’s under your feet. Leaps and jumps over obstacles benefit from the flexibility and sense of feeling in your toes. The KSO EVO Cross Trainer uses the five-finger footwear idea, so each of your toes moves freely.

These individual toe slots improve dexterity, control, and balance. When your toes can move freely, you are able to manipulate uneven surfaces that are difficult in a standard shoe. That means five-finger Vibram running shoes are great for feeling the ground for all types of training.

#2. Natural Running Motion

You also may not realize that free toe movement also establishes a more natural running motion. Since there is a zero drop from the heel to the toe using the Vibram running shoes, the motion of your foot is more natural.

This means a midfoot to forefoot motion that promotes a natural forward momentum as you run. By incorporating a more natural foot motion, the Vibram running shoes automatically reduce heel strike.

two footprints, one from a barefoot and other other one wearing a Vibram running shoe

#3. Improved Traction

Vibram running shoes use the TS Trek rubber outsoles to improve traction. This positive feature is critical since you never know when you may encounter damp or wet conditions in Parkour.

#4. Nylon Midsole

The midsole of the KSO EVO Vibram running shoes is constructed using a moisture-wicking, antimicrobial Drilex® nylon. This section covers the midfoot and helps establish excellent cushioning for comfort.

#5. Reinforced Speed Lace

Vibram running shoes are reinforced around the top and have a speed lace feature for easy entry. The lacing employs a zigzag pattern so you can securely tighten the KSO EVO to your foot, but also feel a sense of flexible movement.

#6. Drilex® Nylon Construction

The specially designed nylon midsole reduces moisture build-up and provides cushioning, but it also makes the KSO EVO washable. Since the conditions for a Parkour workout can change at any moment, being able to quickly wash and wear your shoes is a welcome feature. The Drilex® nylon material gives you that capability.

Pros of the KSO EVO Vibram Running Shoes

#1. Minimal Toe Interference

Hard toe shoes confine your toes and do not allow natural flexibility. The KSO EVO and other five-finger design shoes can reduce foot discomfort and all but eliminate some types of knee or leg pain. Runners with arthritis of the knee joint have proclaimed their symptoms to fade or even disappear using this type of shoe.

#2. Flexibility

Since each toe is individually housed in its own little compartment, this greatly improves foot flexibility. When your toes can move independently of one another, this allows you to run more naturally. For Parkour activities, this also gives you flexible control over odd terrains.

#3. Secure Traction

Normal running shoes cannot come close to the secure fit of Vibram running shoes. Beyond just an individual wrap on each toe, the shoe itself straps securely to the entire foot. This eliminates the risk of your foot slipping inside the shoe.

an athletic man running outdoors wearing Vibram running shoes

Cons of the KSO EVO Vibram Running Shoes

#1. Odd Size Chart

You need to get a perfect fit with any type of training shoe. The size chart is a little difficult to understand, and even a half size mistake in your calculations can mean a less than optimal fit. Be sure to use a precise measurement of your shoe size, especially if ordering online.

#2. Heel Protection

While the KSO EVO eliminates the downward angle of the foot, without the normal running shoe cushion, it does offer little in heel protection. This can be a disadvantage if you have a poor running posture, or are otherwise prone to pounding on your heel.

#3. Arch Support

Vibram running shoes are designed for vigorous training. Therefore, they do not have the customary arch support of many athletic shoes. If you have arch problems, this can be a disadvantage. When you have health issues with your arches, it is best to consult with a specialist before using this type of custom fit training shoe.

The Bottom Line on the KSO EVO Vibram Running Shoes

Since your foot is snug inside the footwear, this means you get that same, secure traction feeling of running barefoot. This is like having tread attached to the bottom of your feet. The combination of these three important advantages leads to the fact that you run using a more natural motion that doesn’t compromise your traction. Prices for the KSO EVO Vibram running shoes can vary a lot, but the cost usually falls between $75 and $100.

Summing It Up

Hopefully, our KSO EVO review was helpful and provided all the necessary details for you to make a purchasing decision. Parkour training is an environment that challenges both your physical and mental stability. Using footwear like the KSO EVO Vibram running shoes is helpful to both. This shoe an excellent choice for Parkour, combining a perfect mixture of ground feel and protection.

A thinner sole, less than 5 millimeters, supports better form and is durable enough to act as an excellent shock absorber. The KSO EVO Vibram running shoes permit you to feel the terrain with outstanding grip and ultimate flexibility.

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